Off-Page SEO: Strategies And Best Practices to Improve Domain Authority

Off-Page SEO: Strategies And Best Practices to Improve Domain Authority

In 2024, the competition is fiercer than ever to find a place among the top results of search engine results pages, irrespective of the industry. Whether it is retail and shopping, services, or real estate, optimizing online presence with SEO to become visible to the target audience is crucial to achieving growth and success in this day and age.

While on-page SEO, related to content, is one of the primary factors affecting your rankings, off-page SEO is the flip side of the same coin that contributes immensely towards visibility.

It is a harmonious combination of both on-page and off-page optimization that produces the best results, and for that, you need to look beyond your content.

Our experts in SEO services in Chicago have helped many brands achieve top positions in SERPs over the last few months. With the changing dynamics of search engine algorithms, it is important for brands to keep up with practices that work, to reap the best results.

Before we get into our top tips and tricks, here is a brief on what off-page SEO entails and what it means to optimize your website off-page.

What is off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO essentially involves all activities pertaining to your website’s ranking, outside of your website. Optimizing elements off your website is crucial to establishing trust and authority, and improving relevance in the large pool of information crawled over by search engines. Some common off-site strategies include link-building, social media marketing, guest-posting, podcasting, etc.

According to the latest research, off-page SEO contributes to almost half of Google’s ranking factors. It indicates the importance of optimizing your website across all aspects, to attain relevant visibility and reach.

SEO and Domain Authority

The Domain Authority score or the DA determines your website’s ability to rank within the search engine results pages. Between 1 to 100, it ranks your website based on several factors such as the number of backlinks, the root domains linked, and more. Improving off-site SEO directly impacts your DA, and is a good measure of your performance from an off-site perspective.

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Coming from our SEO team, here are some of the best strategies to improve domain authority with off-page SEO in 2024.

Creating solid backlinks

Backlinks still form a major part of the foundation for SEO. They are links from other websites to yours, and they are important as they indicate the credibility of information and value. Other websites choose to link back to you as they find your content helpful for their readers as well.

There are two ways to achieve good quality backlinks; one way is to do so organically, and one is to do it purposefully as part of a solid link-building strategy.

Purpose-driven link-building involves thoughtful promotion and cross-linking of linkable assets. This is done through various means like digital creator promotions or mentions, replacing broken links on social channels, requesting endorsements and subsequent links, etc.

Remember to apply only white-hat SEO strategies and refrain from buying links or other spam-induced practices. Seek the guidance and expertise of only ethical professionals in SEO services Chicago to optimize your website.

Social media marketing

Considering the number of high-engagement and high-traffic social media platforms available today, an effect of off-page SEO strategy is using social media. Most prominent platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram have a high DA, which makes them great websites to link back from. Use social media channels to promote and boost your website content or strategic landing pages to improve reach and generate more click-throughs. Although it hasn’t been conclusively proved that linking back to your website from social media platforms directly affects rankings, it is a known fact that search engines crawl social media channels for relevant information. In that sense, it is important to keep your socials up to date with relevant content in your niche.

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Additionally, social media profiles have a better chance of appearing on SERPs. Sharing relevant content through socials will be prioritized for industry-related search terms.

Above everything, good-quality content on social media is highly likely to get shared, thus improving your organic reach and visibility as well.

Linking back to your website and using social media marketing as an off-page SEO strategy thus provides multiple benefits.


Creating high-quality content for third-party websites possessing a high domain authority score is an excellent off-page SEO strategy. Research and determine websites with a high level of traffic and engagement that accept content, and link back to your website through the post to build a solid link. Ensure to tailor your content to the general format of the third-party website. More importantly, scout for websites that deal with your specific niche and subject. This is not only crucial to generate traffic from relevant audiences, but also to ensure credibility and thought leadership. Guest-posting on broadly generic websites or websites that are irrelevant or remotely relevant to your niche, will not help you achieve the desired results.

Posting in forums

Forums are online panels or boards where industry leaders discuss relevant matters. It is meant for stakeholders to gather expert-level thoughts, authoritative opinions, and advice on business affairs. Forum posting, done right, can be a great way to build links, gain exposure to a refined set of customers, and establish industry leadership and credibility.

It is a comparatively long-term strategy where you need to identify and become a part of forums that are legitimate, and generate valuable multi-perspective thoughts first. For this, you need to exercise good discernment and persistent research. Once you have joined relevant forums, establish trust and a good reputation by engaging with other member posts. Consistently add value to the group and subsequently proceed to promote your brand by posting relevant links to your assets, such as content or product pages, in an effort to help other members.

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Partner with creative experts in SEO services in Chicago to take advantage of forum posting for your brand’s off-page SEO.

Local listings

Local SEO is an underrated but powerful off-site SEO technique that has been proven to be effective for years. Attaching your business to local listings is a great way to increase visibility and attract local traffic. It makes your brand appear in searches where the user references a location in their search query or the phrases like “near me”. It also directs users to your business according to the tagged location or IP address of the searcher.

Some of the local listings or directories that you can utilize for effective off-page SEO include Google My Business, Yelp, and Central Index.

Ensure to submit consistent and correct information across all directories when registering, this includes accuracy in the business name, contact number, address, and the like. Eliminate or correct issues like misspellings, abbreviation inconsistencies, etc. that can cause confusion, not just for users, but also for search engines.

Local directories, if configured right, can be one of the best means to improve rankings as well as traffic and leads.

Wrapping up

Paying attention to the off-site strategies that matter, and optimizing them for improved visibility brings more benefits than just a good SERP rank. It can help generate more traffic, leads, and ultimately more conversions as well. Off-page SEO should ideally form a part of comprehensive SEO strategies to improve brand awareness and sales. When integrated with holistic on-site SEO efforts, it can make a drastic difference in your reach.

Partner with a professional and experienced team of experts in SEO services Chicago, to utilize the benefits of ethical and solid off-page SEO strategies to grow your brand online.

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