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Crafting powerful social media solutions that build brand awareness, cultivate meaningful relationships, and drive sales through thoughtful, user-centric strategies. Our social media marketing services are different; we focus on the network and the numbers to achieve a two-way solid growth curve.

Strong Client Relationships Enabled Through Social Media Marketing Services

The world as we know it is increasingly becoming one big social media addict. Might as well take advantage of that and build a strong, loyal customer base for your brand. The catch though, lies in decoding tricky algorithms and rising above as valuable problem-solvers.

You’ve come to the right place! DM360 offers ground-breaking social media strategies and hassle-free content management services to up your social media game and transform your business.

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What is Social Media Marketing And Why Do I Need it For My Business?

To help you understand the importance of using professional social media marketing services, let’s start with the basics.

Social media marketing is essentially the process of using social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, to establish a strong online presence for a brand, promote brand awareness, connect with more prospective customers, and subsequently drive more sales. It is a powerful marketing tool in the current scenario, as more than 90% of the world spends a significant amount of time scrolling through popular channels. Hence it only makes sense for a brand to use the channels to drive revenue.

Here are some reasons why you should use it.

Social media marketing is a more cost-effective way for brands, especially small businesses to reach out to more customers and increase reach, without breaking the bank. Most of the popular social media channels used these days provide very affordable ways to showcase your products and services to a wider audience, apart from making a full-blown platform available for you for free. At the base level, these platforms let you be seen across an array of locations organically as well, without having to spend anything extra.

As mentioned earlier, social media channels are a means for your customers to have direct conversations with you. It helps them see the human elements of a brand, which assures them of genuineness and hence allows them to trust you. Multiple social media attributes will help you engage in conversations with your followers and build meaningful relationships. The key is to use these attributes in the best possible ways and reap benefits. Social media marketing services will help you share more relatable content and sustain solid customer relationships thereby improving trust and credibility in the long run.

Search engines like Google and Bing have started including social media updates, tweets, and profiles in their results pages for relevant search queries. This is done to increase social interaction and also help promote better brand-customer relationships. High-engagement posts have a very high chance to appear on search engine rankings. This means, the more your posts are shared across channels and interacted with, the higher your chances of being ranked. Intelligent social media marketing services can help you achieve this with ease.

Marketing through social media channels allows you to see valuable insights about the people that are watching and engaging with your content. With these insights, you can channel your efforts to a more specific range of people, more in line with your ideal buyer persona. This means you can segment your audience and target the right people using filter tools like age, gender, interests, and other demographics. With these, you get to make your products and services available to the right people at the right times through social media marketing strategies and thereby improve your chances to make a sale.

The Right Way to Market Your Brand on Social Media

A majority of individuals in the world have a social media presence, and almost 100% of brands have at least one social media channel. Everyone uses it and some even monetize it. Yet, no one has completely figured out how it works.

We at DM360 have certified social media algorithm experts who are well-versed in the logic behind each algorithm. As a dynamic social media marketing company we also keep ourselves updated with the latest algorithm changes so that we can figure out the best ways to market in conjunction with the changes.

Every social media success story starts with a winning social media marketing strategy. Without a proper understanding of the target audience and a detailed plan to appeal to the audience, you are most certainly not going to get the benefits. Hence, at DM360 we like to get the strategy in place before we move on to content creation or advertising.

As a rule of thumb, we stick to a few basic best practices for all our projects so that we are always on the good side of the algorithm. Here is an overview of what you need to do at a ground level when you are on social media.

  •         Conduct extensive research and determine the best social media marketing platforms for your business based on the behavioral traits of the target audience
  •         Have a solid social media marketing plan worked out before you start
  •         Do not copy trends and competitor content ideas blindly without tweaking them to suit your brand voice
  •         Integrate marketing efforts throughout your digital presence
  •         Keep a close watch on audience and engagement metrics to figure out what’s working for you
  •         Research and implement meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships with industry influencers
  •         Aim to grow followers through effort only and do not purchase followers
  •         Create highly targeted social media marketing advertisements to catalyze growth
  •         Optimize all your social media pages for SEO and conversion
  •         Actively engage and mingle with your followers through comments, DMs, and live videos like a real person would, to build trust
  •         Maintain consistency in terms of content as well as branding across your social media channels
  • Cross-post content on your social media channels for maximum reach
  •         Craft high-quality valuable and engaging content for your brand that genuinely helps your followers

Our Social Media Marketing Services Are For Everyone

In the age of social media, companies must be available, responsive, and transparent with customers, given the close-knit nature of channels like Instagram and Facebook. Unlike in the 90s, where one-way advertisements would have worked wonders, now, people need more insight into everything about a brand including the making of products, use of products and services, brand work culture, and more. These elements help establish trust and credibility in the minds of users, which in turn reflects in the form of loyalty and long-term relationships.

Hence it is very important for companies now to embrace trends, create consistent content and be available for interaction with customers throughout the day. This would be quite difficult for a brand to manage single-handedly.

That is why DM360 offers an array of social media marketing services to help brands establish their online presence, build relationships and achieve wholesome growth in a hassle-free way.

Owing to ever-changing algorithms on social media, it is quite difficult for brands to attain enough organic reach for many of their brand posts. While some of them may make it to a wider audience, some posts may not get the attention they deserve. To offset this imbalance and to make sure brands receive the recognition they deserve on the posts they worked hard on, DM360 offers effective social media advertising services. Through this, we help brands reach out to a more targeted group of customers and allow the content to get to the people that need it, leading to sure-fire conversions and relevant following. This also helps build a base of insights that we can use for future improvements.

Social media is very demanding of a brand’s time and effort. To stay on the good side of the algorithm and be visible to a fair amount of relevant people, you HAVE to churn out high-quality content, interact with the audience, and be consistent with your efforts every single day. You also need to interact with your audience through multiple other ways. As mentioned earlier, this may turn out to be very difficult, especially for an up-and-coming brand, given that there are multiple channels to work on too. To combat this issue, DM360 offers efficient and reliable social media management services, where our team will study your brand, create relevant content, post them across channels, and engage with your followers daily.

A lot of companies make the mistake of copying trends blindly and putting out content just to beat the algorithm. However, this could not be more destructive for your brand. Effective social media marketing is all about building a brand through relevant content. This means that the content is not exclusive to the brand and needs to reflect the brand’s persona in every way. This is where social media brand management finds its relevance. We at DM360 make it our mission to analyze your brand, determine your brand voice and consistently create content that matches your brand voice. We take care of everything from branding to content creation to management for all your posts across channels through customized social media marketing services.

Social media, needless to say, is a very powerful tool that has the potential to make your brand go viral and help you grow by leaps and bounds. At the same time, it is also a toxic place to be in, if not used in the right ways. This is precisely why you need a solid social media marketing strategy for all your active platforms. A great strategy will take into consideration your brand voice, the preferences and behavioral attributes of your target audience, and proven-effective best practices on each social media channel. We at DM360 provide thoughtfully created strategies that would help brands make the most of their active communities and use the traction to generate more revenue and more sales.

The advent of social media has inadvertently led to the emergence of social media influencers and in turn influencer marketing. For a brand, these influencers are very effective tools to reach out to more relevant people and earn trust. The followers of these content creators love hearing about new products and services from them and trust the brands they recommend to be good ones. This essentially means that influencers vouch for your brand and encourage people to be your customers. Every brand can benefit greatly from influencer marketing if done the right way. And that is why we offer full-blown services in the same. We take care of everything from researching relevant content creators, reaching out to them, and preparing review packages for them.

Sometimes, the best of your efforts in creating content and sharing valuable information on social media can go in vain. You may not attain the reach and engagement you expected your content to generate. And this could be due to a myriad of reasons including changes in the algorithm, incorrect use of keywords, improper use of hashtags, or other technical issues like video and picture quality. Our social media audit services can help you find out what the real issue is and turn it to your advantage. Our team will analyze your entire social media presence and determine the elements that might be holding you back from getting the best results so that you can set things right and improve the outcome.

Digital Marketing Vs. Social Media Marketing – The Right Way To Go?

People often mistake digital marketing services and social media marketing services to be the same thing. However, the truth is that digital marketing is a more comprehensive term that includes social media marketing. In other words, social media marketing is a kind of digital marketing service that focuses on promoting brand awareness through social media platforms.

Hence, the right way to go is to use both techniques appropriately.

Digital marketing services include strategies that can be used on other online channels as well, including your website, search engine results pages, and email. Social media marketing services include techniques used on social platforms alone. However, it would be worthwhile to note here that online success comes from complementary techniques used across digital channels.

Every brand inevitably needs promotional strategies on all avenues. An effective online presence fulfills best practices on all online platforms including social media channels.

Hence, success is not about choosing either digital marketing or social media marketing. It is about utilizing combined efforts to convey your messages effectively to the target audience and making sure your product and service solutions reach them, irrespective of the channels.

DM360 is a holistic social media marketing agency that believes in this concept wholly. We strive to make your efforts meaningful and profitable in the long run, which is why we believe in offering a range of holistic social media marketing services to augment your general digital marketing techniques as well. We offer strategizing services, optimization, content creation services, and more, keeping in mind the unified digital success of your brand.

Why Choose DM360 As Your Trusted Social Media Marketing Company

At the forefront of our social media marketing services wing is transparency. We have a dynamic team of social media experts that likes to keep you in the mix at all times so that the results turn out to be exactly what you envisioned. At every step of our process, starting from planning and strategizing to content creation to tracking metrics, we run our milestone deliverables by you before we move on to the next stage. This makes sure that you get no last-minute surprises and that you are always able to see what’s happening at every stage.

Other than that, here are some more amazing reasons why we are your most reliable social media marketing agency.

At DM30 we believe in tailoring social media solutions to the unique needs and brand voice of businesses so that they get to reap the best results. With us, you will get a full-blown insights-driven customized social media strategy for your business as part of our comprehensive social media marketing services, to channel your social media efforts in the right direction and maximize the outcome.

You will be assigned a dedicated project manager to be your primary point of contact so that communication is seamless and hassle-free at all times. You can reach out to the project manager for any needs or queries you may have and keep yourself updated with the project. Under the project manager, you will have various subject matter experts working on different aspects of your project such as ad specialists, content specialists, creative designers, etc.

We provide custom detailed performance reports for every campaign you have running as part of our social media marketing strategies. These reports will cover every important metric starting from changes in the reach levels to audience demographics to follower details. In addition, we also provide monthly breakdown reports of the techniques we have implemented so that you get to see the work hours we’ve put in and measure your ROI.

With DM360 you will get a whole team of subject matter experts working on your project, each with diverse and extensive marketing experience. From paid social media advertisements to algorithm strategies to profile audit and optimization to branding, we have professionals handling every aspect of your brand’s socials with a collective approach, ensuring only the best results. Rest assured that your social presence is in the best hands.

Apart from these, we are also a small-business-friendly social media marketing company. We understand that start-ups and entrepreneurs who are just starting are always looking to minimize their expenses while making the most of every resource they have. Hence, we offer very cost-effective and customized social media marketing solutions that will suit every company and budget.

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Why should I use social media marketing services for my business?

From a global perspective, there are approximately 4 billion social media users in the world, each of whom owns at least two different social media accounts. That is a highly potent and crucial market that you shouldn’t miss at any cost, as it opens the window for you to introduce your products and influence them to make a purchase. More than 60% of users looking for a product or service actually browse the social media channels first, to ask questions and to get to know the company on a closer level. This translates to a one-on-one chance for you to make an impression and get them to make the move. Our social media marketing services are designed to help you take full advantage of these prospect impressions. We use various techniques to drive more customers to your social media pages and your website and induce them to take a favorable call to action. Moreover, 70% of the world’s brands already use this tool, so you need social media to stay ahead in the game.

What social media platforms should I use for my business?

The social media platforms that you need for your business depend on the demographics and behavioral attributes of your target audience. In addition, the type of products and services you offer and your short-term and long-term goals are also some factors to consider when choosing the right platforms. Our social team will conduct thorough market and audience research to determine the best platforms for you and optimize your presence across these platforms to ensure maximum effectiveness.

What kind of results can I expect to experience from your social media marketing services?

With our social media marketing services, you can expect results in the form of increased followers, improved engagement on your content, an increase in website followers through socials, more direct messages and inquiries and ultimately increased conversions as well.

How often should I post on my social media channels?

The frequency and times at which you need to post on your channels depend on the platform and the audience's behavior. For some channels, posting daily will bring better results, while for some channels you can post content twice or thrice in a week. However, consistency is extremely important across all channels. As for the time, you will need to figure out the times at which your target audience is most active. Our expert social media marketers will help you figure out these aspects and map out a detailed social media plan for you, according to which you can post content on all your active channels.

How soon can I expect to see results?

Social media is a place where you will be able to see quick results. A properly implemented, effective social media strategy can start showing results in a week. However, we may have to fine-tune the plan according to the results. You will be able to see a solid increase in followers and engagement in a month.

How much should I spend on social media marketing?

The effectiveness of social media advertising depends on the amount you can feasibly set aside as your marketing budget. However, being social media, this budget need not be a big amount. You can always choose to invest in smaller ad spends, see how they perform, and graduate to bigger budgets that are more streamlined and targeted. Apart from that, social media platforms also have limitations in terms of ad spending and reach. Your dedicated social media marketing manager will explain everything to you before we finalize your strategy.

What are some services you offer as a social media marketing company?

We are a comprehensive social media marketing agency that offers a range of services in social media marketing because we believe in taking a full-circle approach to marketing. Marketing efforts in one avenue have to be augmented with complementary efforts in other avenues as well, to achieve the best results. The services we offer in social media marketing include social media management, strategizing, influencer marketing, social media audit, and advertising. All our services are also fully customized and suitable for any type of business.

How long does it take to get started?

Once we onboard you as our client, you will be assigned a dedicated project manager along with a whole team of specialized subject matter experts to study your brand and come up with the best strategies. This phase may take a week or two weeks depending on the complexity of your business offering and the competition. Once you approve the devised custom-made social media plan, our team will start to work on implementing it.

What is the difference between a regular post and an ad post?

A regular post on social media, irrespective of the channel, appears on the feed of your followers and the general public as well depending on the niche and the engagement level received on the post, organically. This means it is not promoted by the channel or shown to more users unless it naturally gains reach. An ad post on the other hand is a paid form of content that is pushed by the channel and shown to more people, depending on the ad budget we set, the audience demographics we choose, and other details. This is more in the control of the creator and ensures that the content reaches the ideal customer group.

What is the cost of your social media marketing services?

The cost of our social media marketing services is heavily dependent on the requirements and needs of our clients. We provide customized services to suit every brand’s unique business model. It also depends on the type of services chosen by our client such as social media management, audit, influencer marketing, etc. Hence, our costs can vary from business to business. Contact our team today to discuss your customized social media plan and get a free cost estimate.