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Dynamic, thoughtful, customized, and most importantly, impactful digital marketing services, that will drive your business to unthinkable heights; all on a solid foundation of meaningful customer relationships.

Digital Marketing Services That Bring The Change You Need

Most digital marketing service providers have a pattern they follow to drive traffic and conversions for businesses online. They come from past experiences and cookie-cutter models that have previously proven to be successful.
But we’re different. We base our strategies on science, logic, and extensive research. We crack the roots before we shoot.
We provide highly customized and science-backed digital marketing services to help your business thrive and fly above others. We don’t rely on guesswork, we know what works and we tailor it for your brand.

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Why Do You Need Digital Marketing Services?

For starters, internet marketing as an industry is booming and growing at an unbelievable rate. Millions of companies all over the world have already invested in this powerful tool, and it only makes sense for you to do the same.

In fact, statistics show that companies in the US invest more than $110 Billion in digital marketing services. Given the impact the right tool can have on your business, you would pretty much be rendered out of business in a few years, if you stick with conventional and old-fashion marketing techniques.

Here are some more amazing reasons why you need digital marketing services for your business.

Developing an actionable digital marketing strategy involves determining a number of key objectives for your business, including your buyer persona, your target audience, your target revenue and sales, your ROI, and many more. In the process of analyzing and identifying these details, your business gets clear direction and a set of clear-cut goals, through which you can build your business using knowledge-driven techniques. At DM360, we like to devise accurate digital marketing strategies powered by insights. This is why our team gives great importance to the analysis phase, where the most important metrics for success will be determined and set.

As the digital age progresses, more and more of your target customers are shifting to smartphones and other digital devices. Channeling your marketing efforts in the digital space would hence be the wisest thing to do. Our digital marketing services include a wide range of services meant to target your customers at the right place at the right times. By carefully analyzing the behavioral aspects of your audience, we develop effective strategies to reach out to them through the channels they use the most. Through this, not only does your marketing yield better results, but it also helps your business stay relevant and competitive in the years to come.

Digital marketing techniques utilize a number of internet-based platforms to reach out to customers and attract prospects. This leaves digital trails, documentation, and historical data for every move and every implemented technique. Moreover, every technique makes use of a number of data touch points as well, where big data is collected and insights are generated. With the help of these elements, digital marketing makes it possible for you to accurately measure your growth and progress. Your future business plan is data-driven and rock-solid, as opposed to using guesswork if you simply relied on conventional marketing methods alone.

As an extension of the measurability aspect of digital marketing, it also helps you track the performance of your campaigns on a daily basis. This means you get a chance to review your campaign settings every day, allowing you to identify flaws and performance issues if there are any. This, in turn, lets you make the necessary changes and optimize your campaign settings to yield the highest amount of returns for the money you spend. Outbound marketing efforts, like conventional advertising, for example, don’t leave room for that. You spend a fixed amount on ads, whether or not it generates expected results.

In addition to all the benefits listed above, sensible digital marketing services focus on improving your business reach in the best way and helping your brand build solid customer relationships. It uses a myriad of techniques to find the right audience and resonate with them so that you can help them and grow your business at the same time, which happen to be two sides of the same coin.

At the end of the day, it is a loyal and meaningful customer base that will keep your business sailing in the long run, even through stormy waters. Your ultimate focus should ideally be on doing the best for your customers, and that is exactly what digital marketing does for you.

Our Digital Marketing Services Are Not One-Size-Fits-All

Having started off more than ten years ago, we got through the burgeoning digital age with humble beginnings, back when algorithms were much simpler and it really took hard work to see results, as opposed to cheat codes and hacks.

We put in the hours way before a lot of our peers, which is why we know, that digital marketing is anything but a one-size-fits-all phenomenon.

We provide a range of digital marketing services, each with its own dedicated team of subject matter experts. And each of our teams is equipped with exceptional skills, technological prowess, and hands-on experience spanning many years with multiple industries.

Over the years, our team has cracked the science behind the algorithms and working digital marketing strategies, which gives us a competitive edge in the industry. With a strong foundation based on science, we are able to develop unique and personalized strategies for your business that are bound to work.

We perform a thorough analysis of your brand and your target audience to set the base for our planning. We then apply our science-backed strategizing techniques to create a plan that works for you, considering your unique offerings and your target audience. This way, our techniques are highly personalized and not based on what is generally used in the industry. Rest assured, you will find a winning strategy to meet your goals with our team.

We Offer Holistic Digital Marketing Services

At DM360 we believe in offering holistic and well-rounded digital marketing services. To achieve the best results, we assist you throughout your digital marketing journey starting from research and planning to execution and performance analysis. Our experts in each service category will be with you till the very end, after which we also offer ongoing support for continued performance and growth.

Our services are customer-centric at their core. This means that we develop strategies and implement them with the end customer in mind. We believe resonating with customers is the key to building trust and loyalty, both of which ultimately bring you high-quality long-lasting customer relationships.

Extensive white hat optimization strategies based on science and meticulous planning to help boost your search engine rankings and gain more visibility. Our team does everything for your brand including keyword research, market analysis, and offline SEO best practices to help you earn high-quality leads and conversions.

Customized, responsive, functional, and attractive websites augmented with friendly interfaces that will improve your brand identity, and invite high-quality leads. Our web design team is also experienced in creating fully conversion-optimized web pages to lead your visitors right through to the end of the sales funnel.

Powerful data-driven pay-per-click advertisements, that will not only improve your brand’s reach but also give you insights that will help shape and improve future marketing plans. Our PPC experts develop thoughtful and research-extensive ad plans that are cost-effective and bring you the best value for money as well.

Dynamic and fool-proof social media strategies for your brand to take advantage of the changing algorithms and maximize your social reach. We help you build meaningful robust customer relationships through effective and sensible social media management marketing campaigns. We also help you manage your socials in prompt and proactive ways.

Captivating search-engine-optimized content for your digital platforms to help you convey your offerings in concise and resonating ways. We know how to use the power of words to connect with readers, convey your message, and induce favorable action from them, ultimately improving the bottom line.

Impactful and thought-provoking video content to grab user attention, and drive conversions. We create clear and engaging video content as part of extensive video content strategies to help businesses talk about their products and services in more effective ways, improve brand awareness and in turn, sales.

What You’ll Get With DM360’s Digital Marketing Service Package

According to statistics, a majority of brands struggle with marketing and make mistakes in their inbound lead generation strategies, mostly because of a lack of reliable data. Companies don’t have a seeing-eye dog to guide them through the dark and hence base their moves on guesswork and on what works for competitors.

With DM360, one of the most important and far-reaching benefits you’ll get is a treasure chest of accurate and useful insights, with which you can not only plan your marketing strategies but also use them for a number of future growth plans. Our digital marketing services are holistic, hence we also give you comprehensive data covering various aspects of your digital presence including your website, your socials, your emails, and more. This will help you get a strong grip on your brand’s key strengths and weaknesses; crucial for future growth.

Other than that, here are some more benefits of working with DM360.

Why Choose DM360 as Your Trusted Digital Marketing Agency

DM360 is a veteran digital marketing company with extensive industry experience spanning more than 12 years and a myriad of industries. We have had several successful projects in education, technology, lifestyle, health, real estate, and many more, and each one has been excitingly challenging for us.

We love pushing ourselves to go the extra mile and accomplish dreams for your business. It drives us to learn more and serve more for our clients.

In addition to our decade-long experience, zesty team, and multi-industry expertise, here are more reasons why we are your best bet.

We have subject matter experts in every aspect of digital marketing working with the latest cutting-edge technologies to augment their services. From SEO to web design to social media management to performance tracking and communication, we use the most reliable and best software across our processes so that we can speed up redundant steps, create compelling web pages, attain accurate numbers to plan further steps, and relay real-time progress updates to you promptly.

We always like to keep you at the heart of our digital marketing processes. We divide our project into milestones for easier tracking and make sure to run each stage by you before we move on to the next one. This allows you to communicate any changes you need in your project after every milestone. We also send weekly progress update emails and detailed monthly progress reports for the utmost transparency.

We are one of the few digital marketing service providers that take a comprehensive approach to projects. We like to start from the roots, study your brand and your market, devise a well-rounded strategy, and implement services as part of the strategy to achieve the best results. Most of our peers skip ahead to the services and provide what’s required, while we like to be proactive and give you the best value for money.

We like to make sure that our services are aligned with your best interest at all times. For this, we do everything it takes including sharing regular project updates, having dedicated communication channels, assigning a project manager as your primary guide, and more. This is because we strongly believe in being available for our clients at all times and not leaving them in the dark. We thus guarantee absolute openness in communication and zero gaps.

Apart from all of these, we also offer a free digital audit for your brand to start with. Our team will go through a preliminary analysis of your brand’s existing online presence and suggest a list of changes that you’ll need to make along with our approximate quote for the project. With this, you get to experience a prelude to what it would be like to work with us and what we can offer you at the end of the project. At the same time, it allows us to prepare for your project with a head start on the analysis stage.

Once we agree on the details of the project, we can jump right into it.

So feel free to contact our team today, and get your free audit and quote.

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1. What exactly is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a series of techniques and practices implemented across digital platforms on the internet, aimed at promoting a brand’s products and services, improving brand awareness, and attracting more prospective buyers. It includes steps to determine a path of implementation, as well as clearly defined practices to use on different digital channels. And these digital channels include everything from a brand’s website to its social media platforms, to its emails and landing pages. Digital marketing services are centered on the creation and implementation of these techniques, followed by an analysis of performance.

2. What kinds of digital marketing services do you provide?

We provide a comprehensive range of digital marketing services to help customers every step of the way in their digital journey.
Our services include:
- Digital strategizing
- Digital audit
- Search Engine Optimization
- Web design and development
- Conversion optimization
- Pay Per Click advertising and management
- Social media marketing and management
- Content writing
- Video production
- Post-completion ongoing support

3. What industries do you work with?

As a veteran digital marketing company, we have worked with a wide range of industries over the years. We have successful projects completed in education, healthcare, lifestyle, weddings, real estate, technology, automotive, and construction among others. We have highly-skilled professionals working in every aspect of digital marketing with individual industry-specific experience as well. This makes us one of the most all-encompassing digital marketing service providers in the US.

4. What does your digital marketing process look like?

Our digital marketing process starts when we onboard you as a client. The next few steps are as follows.
- Research and analysis – we start by analyzing your current digital presence. Our team studies your brand, your target market, and your competition as well and gathers data to develop a full-blown strategy
- Strategizing - based on the information collected in the first step, our team develops a tailor-made digital marketing strategy for your brand including all digital channels to be used
- Action – once the strategy is approved by you, we assign subject matter experts to work on each aspect of the strategy including SEO, content, social media, and the like
- Implementation – once the work is finalized, the changes are implemented in full swing
- Performance tracking – post-implementation, we continuously track the performance metrics on different channels and make changes in real-time wherever needed

5. How is digital marketing more cost-effective than traditional marketing?

Digital marketing uses reliable and advanced technologies to showcase your products and services to the right customers at the right times. As such, it eliminates spending on improbable prospects right off the bat.
Secondly, traditional marketing is a one-way approach where you will be spending a fixed amount of money on marketing irrespective of the outcome. As opposed to digital marketing techniques, it doesn’t give you the room to measure the effectiveness of the efforts on the go or make optimize it. Once your traditional marketing campaign is implemented, you can find out if it was a hit or miss and plan future campaigns accordingly. This way, digital marketing promises more value for money and is flexible enough to accommodate changes.
Thirdly, digital marketing gives you a ton of insights about your business and your target audience, which will prove to be highly useful in the future. Once again, it gives you a better ROI as compared to traditional marketing.

6. How long does it take to see results with digital marketing strategies?

Digital marketing strategies typically generate visible results within a very short period of time. For example, a social media advertisement can bring results in 24 hours. However, you may need to optimize the campaigns and strategies further over the following weeks until you start getting the most desirable results.
Looking at the bigger picture, it can take a few weeks to be able to see the best results. Furthermore, you will start achieving your end goals eventually, once your campaigns are optimized.

7. Do I really need a website for my business?

Yes. A website acts as a primary source of identity for your brand. It allows prospective customers to get a first impression of your business before they contact you. It is also your chance to convince them of your service excellence and induce them to take the next step. Hence, we highly recommend you spend some time perfecting your website before investing in anything else.
We have an exceptional team of web designers and developers to help you get started in your digital marketing journey. Contact our team to define your brand identity today.

8. How do you choose keywords for my products and services?

Our SEO team is highly skilled and experienced in finding the right keywords to attract high-quality leads for your brand. For this, they use a variety of tools and techniques including the Google Search Console and other manual methods. We use science-based optimization strategies as well to narrow down the best keywords for your specific web pages.

9. What is the difference between digital marketing services and digital advertising services?

Digital marketing services are meant to boost brand awareness, maintain an effective online presence and showcase your products and services to prospective customers online. Digital advertising services on the other hand are meant to promote your products and services to a wider range of audience, promote offers, discounts, and other such deals on your services etc. The former brings you long-term benefits, while the latter is meant to achieve short-term goals, which could trickle down to long-term benefits as well.

10. How much do your digital marketing services cost?

Our digital marketing services are highly personalized and tailored to suit individual brand needs and requirements. Hence our costs are dependent on a number of factors such as the scope of the project, the services required by the client, the extent of research and analysis required, etc. We don’t work on a one-size-fits-all system.
You can contact our team for a free digital audit and get a free project estimate.