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Connect with your audience, build trust, and increase engagement with high-quality videos that speak for your brand. Our video production services are customer-centric and purpose-driven, designed to convey your message effectively while resonating with the end users.

High-Quality Video Production Services For Your Brand

Video is now THE most powerful form of content for businesses. More than 80% of customers like, and expect more of videos from their favorite brands. It only makes sense for you to take advantage of this powerhouse of a marketing tool.

We provide top-notch strategic video production services to take your engagement rates to the next level. With our dedicated service team and our world-class video production equipment, we can amplify your message and help your business grow by leaps and bounds.

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Why Do I Need Video Marketing For My Brand?

Video marketing is essentially the usage of video content to market products and services. Many brands have successfully leveraged the power of video content to reach out to customers and forge meaningful lasting relationships.
 If pictures are known to say a thousand words, videos are a whole other level of effective communication.

To put things into perspective, here are some recent stats; 92% of marketers said that they got a good ROI from video marketing. Eight out of ten people have apparently made a purchase after watching a brand’s video online. And more than 60% of consumers enjoy short-form video content.

Clearly, it makes sense for you to invest in video production services. Here are some other benefits of using video.

Trust is the foundation for any business. The goal of brands, especially in the digital age should be to build strong relationships with customers, and video content helps you do just that. It allows brands to engage the viewers and induce emotion. It allows customers to find resonance with the brand, which is one of the main factors that build trust. Having a professional video production company create high-quality videos for your brand can have a significant impact on trust building.

Statistics suggest that video content on landing pages can boost conversions by up to 80%. Explainer videos especially have led to more sales. This is because a video appeals to a visitor more than anything else. They arrive on your website perhaps looking for something they need or a solution to a problem they face, and they find a straightforward video showing exactly that! Thus, genuine prospects are bound to convert with a great video.

As video content is an effective means to get information across to users, search engines like Google, love appropriately embedded videos. High-quality optimized videos show up right at the top of search results for many reasons. And a key factor is the watch time. A video on your website or landing page leads viewers to spend more time on the page, which reflects on trust and good quality content. Search engines naturally prioritize your website and you get a good rank.

Videos are a great way to explain what you do or what your product does in a simple and easy-to-comprehend way. This is especially true for businesses that have complicated offerings. A confused visitor looking for a solution is bound to click through to a clear and engaging explainer video and will ultimately convert. This is why many businesses create animated videos to boost engagement while simplifying a complex subject. A strategically placed CTA at the end of such a video will do wonders.

Videos that share valuable and useful information encourage viewers to share it. Once again, the resonating factor comes into play here. Viewers who feel they are seen and understood through a video will most likely engage with it and share it so more people can benefit. This boosts reach and builds a genuine and high-quality pool of prospective customers. Ultimately, your brand is established as a trusted one and perhaps as a market leader as well.

A vast majority of brands that utilized video content found them to bring a good return on investment. While high-quality video production services may not seem like the cheapest form of marketing, it brings long-term solid benefits. It positions your brand in a better way by focusing on the end-user’s benefits and sets you up for long-term success. It future-proofs your brand and allows you to build a solid customer base, which will reap much more benefits than your invested value.

Apart from all of these benefits, digital platforms these days allow video content to be embedded just about anywhere on the internet that you find beneficial. This means you have a much larger window of using video content in different ways to reach out to people. For example, you can use ultra-short videos in your email campaigns, paid ads, social media posts, and more. Thoughtfully created attention-grabbing videos placed strategically will always give you unthinkable results, and you can count on a professional video production agency like DM360 to help you with that.

Our Holistic Video Production Services

At DM30 we have a comprehensive team of qualified video production specialists who are well-versed in all minute aspects of video content creation, starting from planning and storyboarding to shooting and editing. As veterans in video production services with more than a decade of experience to our credit, we have worked with a wide range of companies across multiple industries, and we have thus built ample exposure along with versatile additions to our skillsets.

We also have the latest and best equipment to shoot videos, the best editing technologies, and the best professionals to bring about exceptional video viewing experiences to your audience.

Here’s an overview of what our video production services cover:

  • Video content strategizing
  • Marketing plan development
  • Creative concept development
  • Casting
  • Scriptwriting
  • Storyboarding and planning of content
  • Location scouting
  • Video shooting – single camera as well as multi-camera shots
  • 4K quality lighting
  • 2D and 3D graphics
  • Animation
  • Video editing
  • Color correction
  • Motion graphics
  • Voiceovers and recordings
  • ADA compliance
  • Custom graphic designing and planning
  • Video embedding
  • Distribution

Evidently, our video production team helps you with an array of services related to video content. Feel free to contact our experts to see how we can help you.

We Create All Types of Videos

When it comes to video formats, there are a myriad of options to choose from depending on your needs and objectives. Every type of video delivers a different experience to the viewer and encourages a different type of action from their end. These CTAs are strategically planned and placed as part of a comprehensive video content strategy, which ultimately offers exceptional results. At DM360 we offer production services for all types of videos including explainer videos, animated videos, music videos, corporate videos, and more.


Explainer videos

We create informative and engaging videos to simplify complex product functionalities and services. Our team puts itself in the shoes of the end-user and breaks down concepts into shorter more understandable snippets, and presents these in a way that helps viewers clearly understand the subject while keeping them engaged till the end. This is most useful for companies that offer technically complex products or services.


Company overview videos

Company overview videos have been gaining popularity over the past few years. These types of videos offer a quick and engaging way for brands to introduce themselves to customers or prospective employees. We provide complete company overview video production services for brands to attract customers as well as staff. This helps brands give a clear insight into their work culture or service culture, without using long chunks of text.



Testimonials are an excellent way for brands to showcase their service excellence and flaunt their success stories. Most prospective customers look for real testimonials on company websites before partnering with them for any of their needs. While text-based testimonials provide a fair idea of the brand’s service experiences, video testimonials dial it up significantly. With real customers sharing real experiences in a straightforward video format, it generates more trust and credibility.



We provide appropriately planned and directed interview video production services through which brands can showcase industry expertise as well as case studies. Interviews with top-level management executives help clients or customers understand the experience level of the company while also gaining a better insight into the organizational composition. Interview videos can also be used for case-wise projects to allow existing clients or customers of clients to share their experiences.


How-to videos

How-to videos allow brands to share valuable information about their products and services with customers. It lets them show how to make the best use of their offerings and reap the best results. DM360 provides careful planning, scripting, and development of how-to videos with interesting shots, engaging elements of explanation, and clear videography, removing any kind of ambiguity and encouraging viewers to use the product or service.



We offer new, advanced, and highly-engaging forms of advertisement videos for brands to announce the launch of their latest products and services, the old-school way. New-age customers love interesting, and out-of-the-box ideas that would make them stop in their stride and take a second look. With years of experience, our team knows the perfect formulas that would get customers to notice and make a purchase as well.


Product videos

Product videos offer a great way to showcase uses and benefits in a lucrative and engaging way. They give you a chance to portray your product in an attractive way and induce viewers to buy it. At DM360 we have worked with many brands in different industries, creating high-quality product videos for brands to gain a competitive edge. Our team has devised amazing recipes to create click-worthy product videos for brands.


Event videos

Important promotional events, corporate shows or product launch events, etc. can be capsuled and turned into exciting and fun event videos. These videos serve as social media shareables and crucial documentation for new products. They let you extend the event reach and communicate with more customers online, building a sense of excitement for attendees and FOMO for anyone who missed out. We create excellent event highlight videos and teasers to induce favorable emotions.


Promo videos

Short promotional videos are an amazing way to build hype around a product launch or a venture launch or even a scheduled event. If created in an exciting and appealing way, it can get customers to wait in anticipation, and perhaps make a purchase or sign up for an event, etc. depending on the CTA included. Promo videos are a specialty for our team. We know how to create a video giving just the essential details while building anticipation.

Apart from these, we also provide custom video production services to cater to unique needs and rare business models. We have a highly creative team to brainstorm new and innovative ideas for videos, no matter what type of business you have or what type of video you need. Contact our team today to discuss your next project.

Our Video Production Process

Our video production process is simple and straightforward. As a veteran video production agency, serving brands for more than a decade, we give the utmost importance to transparency and clarity. We have a 3-step production process, divided into milestones for ease of progress tracking and for agility. We make sure to run each milestone by you before we move on to the next one so that the end product turns out as amazing as you imagined.


During the preproduction stage, our team gets together to analyze your brand, your objectives, goals, and your target market. This helps us devise a winning video content strategy for your business.

Once the analysis is finished, our creative team gets together to brainstorm ideas and come up with unique video content solutions. If the strategy is approved by you, we start with the planning, scripting, storyboarding, and location scouting for the video. Our professional writers create the initial script and storyboard for review.

If the storyboard is approved, it is time to develop the detailed script and plan the rest of the visuals, including animation and motion graphics. We also engage in casting if needed, once the roles are finalized. The location is decided by our team in consultation with you, and once that is final, we decide on a date to shoot the video, marking the beginning of the next stage in our process.


At this point, all pre-production details are finalized and the video is ready to be shot. Our team prepares for shoot day, blocks the dates, and sets out with the best shooting equipment including 4K quality cameras, professional appropriate lighting depending on the location, and other props as needed. We shoot the video as planned, and hand over the reels to the post-production team for refinement.


It is during the post-production stage that all the magic happens. Our editing team trims, combines, and plays with the raw content to create stunning visuals. The animation team and the graphics team apply their skills to add the graphics and the mixing team prepares the audio. We also add voiceovers at this stage if needed. After adding all elements according to the plan, the editing team goes over one last time to add finishing touches, interesting transition elements, texts, and CTAs. When it is done, the video is ready to go live. Once you approve the final draft of the video, we share it with you in your desired format, including all copyrights to the content.

Why Choose DM360 As Your Reliable Video Production Company

DM360 is a fully-equipped video production agency with more than ten years of experience producing a wide variety of video content. We have a professional and dedicated team with ample subject-wise experience, combining writing, storyboarding, shooting, editing, sound mixing, and strategizing. We onboard only experts in each area so that we can offer professional-level services to all our clients.

Here are some more amazing reasons we are your most reliable expert.

We use only the best and latest technologies to shoot and edit videos. From digital 4K quality lenses to stabilizers to lighting equipment, we carry the best resources available in the market to create stunning videos. This makes us one of the only few fully-equipped and self-sufficient video production companies in the US.

We take great pride in maintaining transparency in our processes for years. We have always made sure to keep our clients well-included in the mix of things so that the end result is perfect. This also removes any communication gaps in the partnership ensuring seamless and real-time escalation of changes required in the project as needed.

We provide a vast and well-rounded array of services in video production, starting from content strategizing to shooting to editing and animation. We essentially help you develop a full-blown plan to increase engagement and conversions with video content and develop the content from scratch. This means you have everything you need under one roof.

We offer fully customized video production services for all our clients to make sure that we can help all businesses in the best possible way. We want our clients to be able to make the most of our services. This means you’ll be able to create your video project with us fine-tuned to your needs and within your budget.

Apart from all of these factors, we also have an amazing dedicated team of creatives, who are always ready to listen to your stories and turn them into bankable content gems for your business. From experienced planners to shooting technicians to editors, our team members are always enthusiastic, energetic, and professional in their work ethics. We consider each project a special one and try to make it the best one yet so that we get to enhance our portfolio while we help you grow as well.

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1. How do you find a good video production company?

One of the first things to look for when you are trying to hire a video production company is their experience set. The amount of professional quality experience they have and the kinds of videos they have previously worked on, can tell you if they are a considerable fit for your project right off the bat. You also need to take a good look at the kind of equipment they use to see if they can offer you a good number of options. The next few things to consider, to narrow down your options would be their work processes, ethics, and transparency levels. Once you’ve found a company that does the job you need, you need to know if they are straightforward and transparent enough so that you can be sure there won’t be a communication gap. The last thing you want is to be left guessing where your project is in terms of progress at any given time. DM360 uses only the best video shooting equipment, starting from the cameras to the editing software. We also have a vast range of industry experience spanning education, entertainment, fashion, real estate, lifestyle, and more. Our team has high-level specialization in each element of video production, making us one of the very few fully-equipped video production companies in the US. We also make it a point to maintain transparency throughout our video production process, so that there is always seamless communication between our team and our clients at all times.

2. How long should my video be?

The length of your video typically depends on the platform you are planning to use to publish it. For example, platforms like TikTok and Instagram already have a pre-determined length for their videos. Other platforms like YouTube allow longer videos. However, as a general rule, it is always better to keep your videos short and crisp. Embedded videos on home pages and landing pages are also best off being within a few minutes max. This ensures more watch time and audience retention. Our video experts will guide you and advise you with the best practices to ensure exceptional results when you work with us.

3. How big is your video production crew?

Our entire video production crew consists of more than 100 members including creative strategists, writers, scriptwriters, photographers, videographers, editors, motion graphic artists, animation artists, voice artists, and more. To shoot a video, we assign a team based on the requirements of the video. If the shots are simple and not too resource-intensive we usually assign a team of two videographers along with the necessary equipment. Some videos require the expertise of only one person. For more complex and demanding videos, we assign up to 6 members, including lighting artists and a director to oversee the shooting and to make sure the cast and other crew members perform their tasks as planned.

4. What kind of inputs do you need from us to create a video?

As a full-service video production company, we offer personalized and flexible services to suit every brand’s unique business model and budget. To start with, during our initial call and meeting, we would need your basic intent and idea for the video. In case you don’t have a clear idea of what you’d like your video to be, you can share your main objectives with the video. We would also need a few other details about your brand, your target market, and your competitors. This allows us to create a comprehensive video content plan for your business. Once you’ve given us the basic information, you can give us as much or as little input as you’d like moving forward in the production process. We will be running each stage of the process by you, where you will have chances to communicate your requirements each time. You can also request changes if you feel the need to.

5. Do you offer voiceovers, music, and audio content?

Yes, we do. We have voiceover artists, access to extensive copyright-free music libraries, and other audio resources. Our talented artists can contribute to your video according to the initial plan and provide a full ready-to-release piece of content for your business.

6. In what format will you be sharing the final video?

We typically share the final draft of the produced video in the most commonly accepted formats - .mp4 or .mov. However, we can also provide the video in any other format that you need for no extra charge.

7. Do your video production services include simple editing or updating jobs for existing videos?

Yes, we do provide editing, as part of our personalized video production service packages. If you already have a video filmed, or an existing video to be modified with new elements, our editing team will be happy to take up the task and provide a personalized estimate for the project as well.

8. How long will it take for my video to be fully produced?

The duration for the production of a complete video depends heavily on the complexity of the video, the elements involved including cast and location, the shots involved, and extra elements involved such as animation and motion graphics. For reference purposes, we usually share simple corporate videos in six to eight weeks. For other more complex videos it may take longer, while for shorter social media shareables, it may take much lesser time. Our team is always ready to work harder for videos you need quickly, as long your milestone approvals are also done promptly.

9. What kinds of corporate videos are there and which ones do you create?

Corporate videos these days can take any format including social media videos. Brands use all popular platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok for business purposes, which makes social media videos a popular type of corporate video. Other types of corporate videos include embedded videos on website home pages and landing pages, display and presentation videos for trade shows, conferences, meetings, and more. We create all types of corporate videos according to your requirements and needs, irrespective of the industry you are in or your goals with the video. We also offer customized packages to suit your brand budget.

10. What is the cost of your video production services?

Our video production services are fully personalized and hence depend on the scope of each project. Some clients may need a full cycle of our services starting from content planning to editing, while others may only need animation or editing. The cost also depends on the level of resources required for shooting and editing. However, we do guarantee that you will be able to find a suitable package with us for your brand. Feel free to contact our team to discuss your project and get a free estimate.