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More than 75% of people never go past the first page of Google’s
search results! And a vast majority of people looking for products or
services, start with a basic Google search. This means you have one out of 10 or 20 chances to make it to your client’s eye on their first attempt. And let’s be real, not everyone scrolls right down to the bottom of the page. The pressure to rank in the top 5 positions – is unreal! That’s why you need SEO that WORKS for your business! What if we increase your chances, from one out of five, to two or three out of five? Read on to see how we can do that for you.

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Why you need SEO?

Here is a harsh truth to put things into perspective – your business is not exactly unique considering the hundreds and thousands of companies already offering what you are. Now here’s the good thing. How you offer it – that’s what makes you stand out. To get that word out, you inevitably need SEO.

Here are a few reasons why you may be here:

  •         You have established your online presence, but your website is still not being found online
  •         You publish content regularly, but you get very less visitors
  •         You have diminishing inquiries and less than 1% conversions
  •         You have just established your business and you wish to spread the word.

If any of the above points resonate with you, you’ve come to the right place. The key to an effective online presence is SEO. And we offer the most effective and data-driven SEO services in Chicago. You may have the best services or products, the best quality content, or the most knowledgeable professionals. But if your offering is not optimized to appear in a place where clients look for you, then your efforts are going in complete vain. We can help place you exactly where your clients will see you! Don’t take our word for it.

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Why Choose DigitalMarketing360 for SEO Services in Chicago

SEO has been around for a hot minute. And most writers believe that stuffing a few keywords into the content does the job.

But that’s hardly true.

Here is the thing.

Google uses around 200 factors for ranking a website. And keywords are only a part of the game. We at DM360 have experts who understand the science behind the algorithm. There is no guesswork involved. We weren’t lying when we said we could get your chances to rank, up from one in five to two or three in five. Our team can delve deep and tweak the very parameters that can do that. Having been in the industry for over 11 good years, we can proudly say that we have cracked the system – from soup to nuts.

Here are a few more good reasons why we’re your best bet in SEO services in Chicago.

We have experts from an array of aspects of digital marketing. In our 11 years of working with leading businesses in various industries, we have helped many entrepreneurs grow their online presence to become leaders in their niche. Our professional SEO team has each individually handled SEO services in Chicago and helped businesses grow by leaps and bounds. On top of everything, we love what we do and we look at our client’s stories objectively to arrive at optimized and customized solutions that will actually deliver results.

A big mistake that we’ve often seen SEO companies make is focusing too much on the results. From our extensive experience in the industry, we have learned that results are directly proportional to the relationships that businesses build.

Google isn’t ranking companies for nothing. The top results are in fact companies that deliver quality customer experiences. We help you build and sustain those crucial relationships with your customers that will help you thrive in the long run.

Let’s make one thing clear – you cannot fool Google or any search engine to drive the results you want. A lot of companies claim to have found hacks to trick search engines into ranking companies higher. However, neither is this plausible nor is it sustainable.

Instead, our team can tell you the science of ranking higher on search engine results. 

And believe us when we say, this science is better and more effective than those hacks.

We don’t use techniques that we used for our clients 10 years ago. This is simply because they are no longer relevant or effective anymore. As companies are evolving, search engines are also constantly evolving to accommodate fairer competition. And this is precisely why we invest in growing and evolving too. Rest assured knowing if there is a change in the search engine algorithm, we’re already on it.

Case in point; another reason why hacks don’t work in the long run.

We like to keep things straightforward – for the benefit of us as well as our clients. They say progress should always be measurable. 

That is exactly why we have comprehensive reporting systems and analytics to help you see what we did and how much you grew. 

Once we begin our partnership, we give you a full overview of the performance of your website, a breakdown of techniques and tasks that we have used, and a clear track record of results.

We know how difficult it can be to get a business up and running from ground zero. We factor in your growth in our prices for the same reason.

As we mentioned earlier, we like to focus on our relationships as well. Hence we offer the best prices for SEO services in Chicago. 

We are prepared to offer amazing campaigns to help you grow, while we grow with you.

How can you grow your business with SEO?

Need a clear picture?

Here is a quick rundown of what our professional SEO services in Chicago can do for your business.

SEO audit to identify shortcomings and opportunities

As a first step, our team will run a detailed SEO audit on your website to identify shortcomings and possible areas to improve on. This will set the base for us to draw out a unique and customized SEO game plan for you.

Improve visibility

There are many ways in which you can improve your website’s visibility online and one of these ways is to utilize local SEO techniques. For example, if your company is based in Chicago, we can help you register for a Google business account and add your business to Google Maps so that your business is discoverable for users that search for your services in Chicago. This way there are multiple factors and techniques that only a professional SEO expert like Digital Marketing 360, can use to drive results. You can take advantage of hidden formulas and techniques that our team has discovered and used over the years to improve visibility. As a matter of fact, our local SEO strategies have generated brilliant results for many companies in Chicago. Give us a call if you’d like to see how we can do the same for you.

Partner with your company to help you every step of the way

SEO is certainly not a one-time solution that will help you grow forever once implemented. It is an ongoing process that needs careful analysis and deliberation. Our team will serve as partners for your company, helping you achieve better search engine rankings consistently, and supporting your growth every step of the way.

Data-driven processes and transparent results

Our strategies are driven by clear and measurable data. We use data from multiple touchpoints to customize and build a strategy that works for your unique business model. We also provide detailed and transparent reports to measure performance and in turn improve efficacy.  

Growth; improved customer base and revenue

Once your customized SEO strategies have been implemented, your visibility improves and you will be able to generate more authentic organic traffic on your website. Good-quality visitors automatically translate to good-quality clients, which helps improve the quantity and quality of your customer base. An improved customer base ultimately leads to increased revenue, in turn leading to better profits. Now that’s a winning equation.

Count on us for the most effective SEO services in Chicago

Simply put, if you have a business, we have a personalized SEO strategy for you. From video SEO to e-commerce SEO to global SEO or local SEO to even multi-lingual SEO, you name it; we have the tools and resources to get visible results for you. Our reliable state-of-the-art technologies put together with our highly-qualified professional team and our invaluable experience in the field will help you generate the best results for your business. Rest assured that we will help you place your business at the top of search results consistently to drive favorable results.

Have an end goal in mind but not sure where to start? Contact our team for a quick audit and discussion.

Higher Rankings

Needless to say, getting our clients higher rankings on search results is always our end goal for our SEO services in Chicago. We use a winning combination of cutting-edge technologies, time-tested methodologies, and a relentless team of experienced professionals to make sure that your website ranks and stays at the top of search results irrespective of the search engine.

Increased ROI

At Digital Marketing 360 we strive to provide sustainable and well-rounded solutions to our clients, which is why we like to make sure that you receive the best services at the best prices, and at the same time get better value for money. In other words, we want you to reap maximum profits on your investments as we like to focus on our client relationships as well, for a secure future.

A Tailored SEO Game Plan

We use thoughtfully derived techniques to analyze the nuances of your business and generate reliable analytics with the help of high-performing tool sets to devise a unique and customized SEO game plan for your business. This game plan will include detailed processes and strategies to be used, starting from task schedules to implementation. This is how we ensure our client’s success, as we believe solutions have to be tailored to each company’s needs.

Ethical approach

Lastly, as mentioned earlier, we go by science and not quick hacks. We do not resort to unethical and number-focused strategies as we do not believe it is sustainable for the long term. 

We devise data-driven and science-oriented techniques to rank higher, all while strictly adhering to Google’s SEO standards and guidelines.


We provide the most effective SEO services in Chicago based on 4 core elements

We have been able to generate the best results for our clients because we have always stuck to our four core principles.



Since the start of the new millennium, marketing has evolved at a breakneck pace, with a plethora of new strategies and approaches emerging with each passing day. Widely considered as one of the most cutting-edge and profitable marketing technique, video marketing is the use of free streaming videos for marketing products and services online and has been proven to be useful to businesses who want to enhance online visibility and brand recognition.

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Chicago has reestablished itself as a global city thanks to a growing number of high-skilled industries, such as information technology, healthcare, and education. The expansion of major companies such as Google and Amazon has driven the city’s economic growth.

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Chicago has reestablished itself as a global city thanks to a growing number of high-skilled industries, such as information technology, healthcare, and education. The expansion of major companies such as Google and Amazon has driven the city’s economic growth.

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We create robust and reliable mobile applications for brands looking to make a solid change in the world. Our solutions are thoughtfully designed from the ground up with a solid focus on the end user's needs, which not only makes them user-friendly for all stakeholders.

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Since the start of the new millennium, marketing has evolved at a breakneck pace, with a plethora of new strategies and approaches emerging with each passing day. Widely considered as one of the most cutting-edge and profitable marketing technique
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On the basis of our extensive experience as a leading mobile app development company and the questions that our partners ask, we have enlisted the following most asked questions. 

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a set of practices that help rank a website on a search engine’s search results, to improve its visibility, based on keywords and frequently searched queries on search engines. SEO practices focus on providing the best value to customers so that search engines identify your website as reliable and credible with respect to the subject that a customer searched for.

Do I need SEO?

You certainly need SEO. Having a mere online presence does not ensure traffic or sales. You need an effective online presence, and that means maximizing the potential of your online presence. For this, you need to optimize your website so that it appears where your potential clients look for you.

Why do I need to invest in SEO when I can run paid ads? They appear on top of search results too.

Statistics suggest that a large share of customers deliberately choose to ignore paid ads and click on organic search results instead. Moreover, many marketers vouch for the fact that SEO generates more sales than PPC ads. These facts prove that running paid ads, while it seems easier to do, is not reliable, especially in the long run. Organic traffic is sustainable and keeps giving you authentic visitors who are more likely to convert, for a longer period of time, for free.

Do I really need to hire an SEO expert when I can find keywords and use them in my content myself?

Contrary to popular belief, SEO is a lot more than just finding and placing keywords in your content. For starters, there is online and offline SEO. Online SEO has to do with the content you publish – finding relevant and rankable keywords and using them in natural ways according to SEO guidelines. Offline SEO is all about the user experience on your website – making sure your website loads quickly, is easy to navigate through, has the right links to the right places, uses high-quality external links, etc. As is clear from the above explanation, SEO is not only about using keywords. It takes into consideration a lot more aspects that only an expert can help you with.

How does SEO work?

For reference purposes, Google uses more than 200 factors when ranking a website. This means that Google’s algorithm checks through 200 different criteria to see if a certain website or web page is reliable, trustworthy, credible, and relevant to the query that is entered by a user. This way different search engines like Bing and Yahoo have their own ranking factors. With SEO, we are trying to consider each of these factors and optimize our website and content accordingly to make sure that a search engine finds our website worthy and relevant enough to be shown to the user.

Why can’t I see my website on Google’s search results?

There can be many reasons why your website is not visible in search results. Some of these can be: - Your website is fairly new, for which reason it has not built sufficient authority for it to be chosen - Your website does not have relevant content concerning the search query - You have not used the right keywords - Your website portrays a lack of credibility in other ways - Your site hasn’t been indexed yet - Your backend code by default, prevents search engines from crawling Talk to an SEO expert to see what’s going on and take immediate measures to solve the problem today!

How quickly can I expect my website to be ranked on Google?

Ranking high on a search engine’s results page is indeed no cakewalk. Considering the hundreds of businesses emerging every day, the competition is quite fierce. The time required to achieve a good rank depends greatly on multiple factors as mentioned before. Contrary to what people may say, you cannot expect to rank a few weeks after launching your website. It takes effort and time to convince search engines that your website is indeed a reliable and relevant source for the search query. For reference purposes, we can consider anything between six months to one year as an average ranking time. However, this can vary greatly depending on the level of competition, and the strategies you are adopting to rank for your keywords.

What are some common ranking factors I should pay attention to?

As mentioned earlier, Google considers almost 200 ranking factors before placing a website on its search results. The weightage it gives to different factors depends greatly on the changing algorithms. As per the latest algorithm, here are a few factors you should be paying attention to: - Quality of content - Length of content - Credibility and quality of links - Time on site - Backlinks - Referring domains

How long should my content be ideally?

Content length is yet another factor that doesn’t have an accurate answer that surely works for everyone. This is precisely because Google encourages websites to pay attention to the quality of the content rather than the quantity. The length should ideally be as much as needed by the subject being covered. For reference, you can take a look at the length of the content that already ranks on Google. Refer to several pages to see what’s working for them and see if you can incorporate similar lengths.

What happens if there is some duplicate content on my website?

Duplicate content is one of the biggest mistakes that companies make in their journey to rank. Duplicate content does not necessarily mean plagiarism, and it does not have to be only between websites. There can also be unintended duplicate content between internal web pages as well, in title tags, meta descriptions, H1 tags, etc. It is one of the biggest hindrances to getting a higher rank on results. You must by all means pay attention to the uniqueness of each line of content on all your web pages. If not addressed, it can even lead to penalties and bans.