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Custom, effective, and reliable Android applications to level up in your industry and build a rock-solid customer base. We provide perfectly tailored Android app development services that will maximize your potential and help you grow exponentially.

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Fine-Tuned Android App Development Services

Android is often considered one of the best choices for startups and small businesses. At DM360, we love to go the extra mile and make it as cost-effective and worth your money as possible. We provide all-encompassing tailored Android app development services that will take you from a mere app idea to a full-blown scalable and efficient application that generates revenue by leaps and bounds for your business.

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We create thoughtfully designed, high-quality, fully customized Android applications using the latest programming technologies and tools. Our team employs a user-centric approach to app development to ensure that the solution solves problems for your customers and makes their lives easier, translating to an improved bottom line.

We help you analyze your target audience, clearly define your app objectives and determine the best, most profitable, and feasible app solutions for your brand. Our expert team uses its high-level experience and technical prowess to develop a winning app strategy, ready for production and deployment.

We craft attractive, user-friendly, and functionally efficient interfaces along with exceptional in-app experiences that not only delight app users but also retain them, and keep them returning for more. Our design team is phenomenally skilled in producing high-quality solutions that augment the purpose of the app.

We use cutting-edge automation and manual testing tools to analyze the performance of Android applications and release user-ready stellar solutions. Our quality assurance team comprises professional testing engineers that are knowledgeable and well-versed in optimizing Android solutions so that they deliver the best results.

We help transform a digital solution into a usable high-quality Android application available at the fingertips of your customers, helping you maximize your offering. We undertake seamless integration procedures as well to ensure cross-platform efficiency, and a ubiquitous digital experience for users, covering multiple devices.

We assign a dedicated post-launch support team to help provide prompt and continuous maintenance services for your application. We believe in offering complete end-to-end assistance throughout your Android app development and launch journey so that you get to yield the best results at all times.

Benefits of Android App Development

Android applications are preferred and used by millions of companies worldwide, for many reasons, including their flexibility and versatility. They are particularly considered the best choice for small businesses, as they can be developed within a limited budget. As an all-encompassing Android app development company, we provide our services to all types of companies irrespective of size or industry.

Here are some amazing benefits that an Android app brings to your business.

Versatile and easily scalable

Android apps are generally quite flexible, scalable, and adaptable to growing business requirements, especially since the advent of Android Studio. It makes integrations with other Android devices including smartphones, wearables, and even Android TV, much easier. Plus, it leaves room for the inclusion of new innovative technologies like AR and VR. Development teams have the freedom to exercise maximum creativity with Android applications as they are dynamic and tweakable.

Ample customization capabilities

Android being an open-source platform, offers ample customization possibilities. This means you can finely tailor an Android app to your unique and precise requirements, and you don’t have to compromise on any feature or functionality. In addition, Android already offers a versatile and dynamic base, which makes it easy to integrate the app with other multimedia tools and create a solution that works well for your business.

Faster deployment

One of the key benefits of Android app development that appeal to small businesses, in particular, is the shorter production time frame. As compared to other OS, Android applications can be developed in a few days to a few weeks depending on the complexity of the requirements. They can also be deployed and integrated with multiple devices quickly, leading to a significantly Reduced Time to Market (RTM).

Quick and easy to produce

Android app development has evolved to become extraordinarily efficient in recent times. Thanks to the emergence of new and advanced tool kits, programming technologies, and multi-use coding dynamics, engineers are now able to develop fully functional and high-performing Android apps quite easily and quickly. Developers love working with Android technologies as it helps produce an easy working model quickly, with which they can carry out further processing.

Cost-effective and budget-friendly

Android app development is significantly less expensive in comparison to other OS owing to the easy availability of related tools and systems to developers. Android devices and hardware are also relatively inexpensive, making overall development more budget-friendly. In the long term, it generates a much higher ROI, making it much more cost-effective and preferable. The customizability factor further makes it possible to create a stunning app within your budget.

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Technologies We Use for Android App Development

We use the latest innovations and technologies for Android app development. Our team has experts in all advanced tools, platforms, languages, and frameworks used in development which makes us one of the most future-forward Android app development companies in the US.

Our Inclusive Service Prowess

We are a full-stack Android app development company offering end-to-end services related to all aspects of apps in Android OS. We conduct deep-level market research, analyze your brand and your target market and come up with unique fully-customized integrated solutions spanning multiple devices. Our UX/UI team captures the essence of the application and delivers it through exceptional user-friendly interfaces as well, that not only ensure smooth navigation and effective functionality but also provide delightful app experiences.

Our Android app development service prowess covers the following:

Smart TV applications
IoT applications
Integrated car apps
Wearable app
Custom Android mobile app development
Applications for other Android OS innovation

Our Android App Development Process

We offer a full cycle of Android app development services right from market analysis to post-launch support, and our process is straightforward and transparent. We like to keep you at the heart of our services at all times, which is why we have periodic milestone discussions and progress updates. Once we onboard you as a client, you will be assigned a dedicated project manager and a full team of subject matter experts to fulfill your project. Our app development process comprises the following steps.

The first step in our process involves a detailed project discussion call, where we gather all the requirements from our client, analyze them, and then conduct a thorough market study. This stage reveals the full scope of the project, the feasibility of the idea, and the possible functionalities to be covered. Our team further uses this information to develop a winning app strategy, through which we also decide what framework to use for the app.

After completing the feasibility and market study, our team gets to work and brainstorms some possible application functionality and interface ideas to get the project rolling. The initial app idea is further enhanced, the design team creates a suitable interface, and a blueprint of the proposed solution is prepared along with a working model. The blueprint is then shared with our client for approval, with a few possible alternatives for different aspects.

Once the design and blueprint are approved by our client, our engineering team sets out to program the application and bring it to life. We build the code from scratch according to the proposed framework, using the technologies as discussed and approved. The functionalities and the design elements are built simultaneously throughout a few milestones, at the end of which the application is fully developed and ready for testing.

A freshly programmed app is then put through a few rigorous testing procedures to ensure the utmost quality. We use a series of manual as well as automation testing tools and techniques to assess the performance of our solution. If anomalies, bugs, or glitches are found, our test engineers escalate it back to the developers for optimization. The end of the QA phase generates a high-performing, bug-free, and glitch-free application that is ready to be launched.

After the testing phase and client approval, the solution is launched according to the devised strategy and monitored for performance. We also offer post-launch ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure that the app continues to perform well. In case of issues, the client can reach out to us and we will be able to offer prompt and timely assistance. We have a dedicated support team who will quickly resolve the issue and restore functionalities.

Why DM360 is Your Most Reliable Android App Development Company

We at DM360 boast of a highly qualified tech team with subject matter experts in every aspect of software development. From UX/UI design experts to language and database specialists, we have everyone you’ll need, along with the latest cutting-edge app-building technologies including testing tools, to develop top-notch Android apps.

In addition, here are a few more reasons why we are your trusted Android app development company.

Right from market research to ideation to development and launch, we have a highly transparent development process where you will have access to a project dashboard, regular progress reports, and milestone-wise project updates. There will be no communication gaps and you will have a single contact point to raise all your queries and request changes.

The DM360 Android app development team has experts across multiple programming technologies and disciplines. We also have professionals with vast industry experience, possessing expertise in many industries including education, real estate, health, retail, lifestyle, automobile, and more. This makes us one of the few Android app development companies in the US with such a versatile level of expertise.

As an end-to-end Android app development service provider, we also take care of the hassles of app store submissions for you. Our team employs a few tricks and best practices that will make the whole process of app store submission and approval much smoother and faster. This will help you make the most of our thoughtfully developed solution.

We believe in offering a full round of services to help our clients reap the best results. For the same reason, we also offer prompt and ongoing support and maintenance services post-release of the application. We assign a dedicated support team after the app is live, to be at your beck and call, to fix performance issues at any time.

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1. Why do I need Android app development services?

According to recent statistics, more than 4 million people around the world already own smartphones. Android, is the most popular OS, and the majority of smartphone users are likely to have Android phones. This is apart from the many other devices that people use such as Android TVs. Considering that such a vast majority of people use Android, it makes sense to invest in Android applications. To provide high-performing and efficient Android solutions, you need top-notch Android app development services. DM360 is a reliable and efficient Android app development company that offers a wide range of services related to Android OS. We will help you turn the booming window of Android devices and applications to your advantage.

2. What should I look for when trying to find a good Android app development company?

For starters, you need a company that has high-level expertise in all aspects of Android app development. From the programming technologies to the strategies and app store submission best practices, several elements need professional expertise, and you need a provider that can offer you that. Secondly, a versatile industry-level experience further solidifies their ability to handle your project. The more industries they have had successful projects in, the better the guarantee that they will handle your project well. Lastly, at the end of the day, you need a company you can trust. Hence, always look for companies that employ transparency and straightforwardness in their processes. This will ensure that you will not have to face any communication gaps in your partnership making things easily manageable and hassle-free for all. DM360 is an Android app development company that ticks all boxes when it comes to service excellence. Our client diaries stand as a true testimony to the dedication and passion we have for the work we do.

3. How many developers or engineers do I need for my project?

The number of developers you will need depends on the requirements and resource-intensiveness of your application. It also depends on how quickly you need the application developed. At a basic level, you will need at least one of the following types of engineers. - A front-end developer - A back-end developer - A UX/UI designer - A QA specialist of test engineer - A DevOps expert You will need a bigger team comprising more engineers if your project is complex and if you have a short time frame for development.

4. How long does it take to build an Android app?

The time it takes to build an Android app once again depends on multiple factors including the complexity of the solution, the features needed, the design requirements, and many more. For reference purposes, on average, it can take anywhere between six to eight weeks for a simple Android app. More complex apps may take longer.

5. What tools do you use for Android app development?

We are a full-stack Android app development company that uses all the latest and best technologies to create stellar solutions. Here is an overview of the tools and technologies we use. Check out our full technology stack above. - Java - Kotlin - Xamarin - Ionic - Firebase - Android SDK - Jetpack Room - Jenkins - React Native - Tensorflow - Unity - Realm - SQLite - Gradle - Amazon RDS

6. What is AAPT?

AAPT is short for Android Asset Packaging Tool. It is essentially a building tool that allows developers to collate and package resources for your application. It also lets users extract and view the content of zip-compatible archives.

7. What inputs do you need to develop a mobile app?

To start with we will need a clear app idea along with a few objectives and goals you wish to achieve with the app. Our app strategy and development team will then be able to build further requirements based on the objectives. You can also give us further inputs in regards to the features or functionalities to be included, or the frameworks and programming languages to be used in development. However, it is not necessary as our team will be planning and determining all elements of the application and running them by you before production begins.

8. What programming languages do you use for Android app development?

We use the following four programming languages for Android app development - Java - Kotlin - Python - C++

9. Will there be an NDA to maintain the confidentiality of my app idea?

Yes, we will be signing an NDA right after you express interest in developing an app idea with us. All aspects of your app including any related business ideas and strategies will be held with utmost confidentiality.

10. How much do you charge for your Android app development services?

The charges for our Android app development services depend on various factors such as the complexity and scope of the project, the resources required, the features and permissions required, etc. Furthermore, we provide fully customized app solutions to our clients. You can tailor our services to fit your unique business requirements and budget. Contact our Android team to discuss your app idea and get a free estimate of the cost.