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Maximize the impact of your business and generate high-quality leads with top-tier PPC services. DM360 is a breakthrough PPC service specialist delivering cost-effective advertising solutions that actually work!

PPC Services to Catalyse Growth

Statistics suggest that as much as 50% of visitors arriving on a website from clicking on paid ads are more likely to make a purchase than those coming from an organic link click.

This means, paid ads are more targeted, fine-tuned, and guaranteed to appeal to your target audience. In effect, it has a drastically higher chance of generating sales as compared to organic links. DM360 helps you nail that 50% for your business! We are here to streamline your business reach and help you drive more sales than ever with cost-effective PPC services.

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What Is PPC And Why Do I Need It?

PPC, which stands for Pay Per Click is a paid advertising tool, commonly used by companies world-over, to increase brand awareness, boost traction from target audiences, and improve the chances for conversions. With this tool, the advertiser will be charged a certain amount each time a person clicks on the ad posted by them, as is evident from the name. It is undoubtedly one of the most effective tools to advertise your products or services, especially new launches, and enhance your brand’s reach.

A PPC ad can be strategically placed in a number of channels or platforms. As opposed to the common notion that PPC ads are only run on Google search results, they can be placed on most other social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more. The idea is to place them on a channel that is most effective; one that your target audience is mostly on.

Now here’s why you need PPC services.

A major, far-reaching benefit of running PPC ads for your company is noticeably improved brand visibility. With our PPC services, your products and services will show up in all the places where your target audience is likely to be, thereby improving your chances of conversions. This way, PPC boosts brand awareness and gets the name out, which is crucial for an effective online presence, especially for small businesses and startups. And since the tool targets a finely narrowed range of prospects, it generates more high-quality leads and customers who have a higher chance of making a purchase.

Unlike many other marketing tools, pay-per-click services yield quick and tangible results. In effect, they help make subsequent business decisions quickly as well. Once your PPC strategy is finalized, and the campaign is set and launched, you can see results in 24 hours. You will be able to see how the ad is performing including the shortcomings or changes needed. With these insights, you will be able to further fine-tune your PPC campaign and generate better results in a matter of weeks or months. In order to generate the best results for your brand, it may take a short while.

With effective PPC services, you will be directly addressing the needs and wants of the exact buyer persona you’ve created for your brand. In other words, PPC ads are meant to appeal to a finely narrowed group of audience that is almost guaranteed to make a purchase now or in the future. In most cases, ads also take into consideration the chances of purchase. Either way, you get a group of prospects who definitely need what you sell. Some other ways in which you can segment your audience include gender, age group, income, and more such demographics.

A by-product of running thoughtfully planned pay-per-click advertising campaigns is a ton of invaluable insights about your target market. Since PPC ads allow a high level of customization, the effectiveness of which can be gauged through quick results as well, you get a chance to further experiment, modify and optimize your campaign. By doing this, you get to study your target market, their behavioral specialties, and other details that you can use for the growth of your business in the long run. Having a strong grip over your target market allows you to make personal connections with them, which is the key to success.

Our PPC Services Reach The Nooks And Crannies

DM360 has been in the business of marketing for a solid decade and some more. Given our veteran state of presence, we have had the opportunity to work with some amazing brands spanning an array of industry verticals through PPC. Hence, we can proudly say that our team has extensive experience in delivering effective PPC services.

In addition to that, we have always has an enthusiastic and knowledge-driven team of professional PPC specialists, currently 100+ heads strong, who are constantly up-to-date and in the know about even the littlest technological trend and advancements in advertising. Put together with our results-based strategizing system and our technology arsenal, we have a winning PPC resource tank that is guaranteed to give your brand the extra leverage it needs to reach out to the perfect prospects.

Insights Powered Strategizing

Besides having a knowledgeable, professionally qualified, and experienced team of PPC specialists, we also have a strategizing system in place that helps draw out perfectly optimized PPC strategies for your brand, guaranteed to garner 10-15% better results. Our unique strategizing system uses thorough and in-depth analysis of the target market, artificial intelligence technologies, science-backed planning, and reliable forecasting methodologies to generate winning PPC strategies, designed to work a cut above the rest. Apart from generating top-level results, these strategies also help extract useful information for future growth and success, such as competitor activity. And these insights can be further applied to PPC campaigns to fine-tune the evolving target market and stay relevant at all times.

Our PPC advertising services are hence more thoughtfully designed and tailored to your unique business requirements than others. This ensures the most effective strategies, the best results, and the best resources for long-term growth.

DM360’s Specialized PPC Services

DM360 offers a wide range of specialized PPC services to boost your brand’s reach and increase conversions. Each of our services involves carefully planned strategies and supporting implementations to set, launch and monitor PPC campaigns across different channels. We also offer pay-per-click advertising for Google SERPs, social media channels including FB, Instagram and YouTube, Bing, and other popular SERPs, Amazon, and more. In addition to PPC management, we also offer complimentary services to ensure the best results, such as landing page optimization. 

Our PPC management services are meant to seamlessly drive immediate and consistent traffic to your website while the campaign is live. We have an organized and systematic way of handling the various aspects of a PPC campaign, eliminating you from the stress and hassles of management. 

We take care of everything starting from keyword research to campaign launch to monitoring to testing, so that you can concentrate on improving your core competencies, and not worry about your reach or your conversions.

Pay-per-click advertising involves using market-specific keywords to target an exact match of the audience for the products and services you sell. This requires accurate analysis and determination of search words used by the ideal customer. At DM360 use a number of efficient tools and techniques for this process and extract the most probable and perfectly refined set of keywords for PPC campaigns. We also help segment your audience further based on several types of keywords so as to run separate campaigns for maximum efficiency.

Social media channels are undoubtedly one of the most profitable avenues to invest in for PPC. A vast majority of people in the world use social media for starters, out of which almost 60% of them conduct product or service research on social media, before making a purchase. 

At DM360 we have thoughtfully designed pay-per-click strategies for each platform depending on its nature and the audience behavior on each channel. Our PPC specialists also work to fine-tune the strategies for individual business models and brand voices.

Remarketing campaigns are one of the most powerful and proven effective types of PPC strategies out there. They help retarget potential customers who have already expressed an interest in purchasing your product or service. Our expert team of PPC specialists works tirelessly to identify your high-quality prospects from previous high-performing campaigns and creates more effective strategies to run remarketing ads on the new audience set. This helps tap into profitable segments more effectively, bringing more value for money through optimal conversions and ad spending.

At DM360 we strive to provide well-rounded PPC services, so as to reap the best results. For the same reason, we also take care of related attributes so that it boosts our efforts and improves the chances of a favorable outcome. High-quality leads driven to your website through PPC campaigns need to be motivated to make the final move to become paying customers. To achieve this, we provide landing page conversion optimization services, where we use power words, emotionally appealing headlines, and copy, crystal clear CTAs, and more.

Fail-proof PPC campaigns are achieved through thoughtful strategizing and attention to detail. Hence we provide full-blown PPC audit services to analyze your paid ads, gather insights, identify possible shortcomings, and offer strategic advice to enhance the effectiveness of your pay-per-click advertising campaigns. Our professional team with decade-long expertise will go through the nitty gritties of your campaign elements as well as your landing page elements to identify exactly what’s holding your campaign back from converting, and offer ways to fix it.

What You’ll Get With Our Pay-Per-Click Services

DM360 offers a host of well-rounded pay-per-click management and creative services, unlike regular PPC service providers. What this means for you is that, you get to build your brand reputation, improve reach and attain high-quality converting customers, all from scratch. You will be leaving your entire campaign management to a trusted team with more than 12 years of experience. And we will be creating a winning end-to-end personalized PPC solution for you, from the ground up.

Here’s an overview of what you’ll get, once we partner for PPC services.

  •         A dedicated project manager, who will be your primary point of contact. You can reach out to them for any concerns or questions you may have about your project any time you wish to.
  •         A full-blown PPC team with qualified professionals and subject matter experts in various PPC elements including audience segmentation, keyword research, conversion optimization, landing page design, and more.
  •         A thorough PPC audit for any campaigns or paid ads you may already have running.
  •         A fully-customized PPC strategy for your business covering everything from keyword analysis to campaign launch and monitoring, and even landing page optimization.
  •         Our proven-effective science-backed PPC strategizing system, has helped generate a 10-15% increase in conversions for businesses in the past.
  •         AI-infused techniques to gauge competitor activities so as to stay ahead in the competition.
  •         SEO-optimized ad content and copy aligned with our PPC strategies
  •         Conversion optimized landing pages including, design and content
  •         Search engine as well as social media pay-per-click advertising campaigns to augment overall PPC efforts
  •         Constant monitoring of campaign results and insights-driven improvements to maximize efficiency
  •         Regular and timely reports on the performance of your PPC campaigns to ensure utmost transparency and collective progress.

Why Choose DM360 For Reliable Pay-Per-Click Services?

DM360 is a specialized PPC service provider, with 100+ successful projects and 10+ years of experience to its credit. Our client diaries will tell you stories of inspiration, innovation, and dedication, where our team has time and again, outperformed itself in helping brands grow and thrive with PPC over the years. With DM360, you will not just get a solution for your problem, but a full-blown strategy to proactively boost brand growth and set you up for success in the future as well.

Our team will perform a complete and comprehensive audit of your PPC campaigns to make sure that all elements of the ad are properly aligned with the overall goals and that they all work in conjunction to produce the best results. We go beyond surface-level optimization to ensure that you get the most value for money.

We always believe that marketing is all about the end user’s benefits, rather than a company’s actual product or service. Hence, we focus our efforts on what the customer actually needs, in PPC as well. We develop strategies and campaigns primarily around your customer’s expectations making it easier for your brand to appeal to them.

With more than 10 years of PPC experience to its credit, DM360 has earned its way to being a certified Google partner in PPC. This means we have certified Google Ads experts in our team, possessing high-level qualifications and vast industry experience to work on your projects. 

You will be working with results-driven techniques and strategies through winning PPC campaigns.

As a trusted and transparent pay-per-click advertising company, we provide complete, comprehensive, and extensive reports detailing the progress and performance of your ad campaigns, coveting every element such as your Google Analytics results, your traffic volumes, your keyword rankings, and other important metrics.  You will get to view your results in real-time through a dedicated dashboard.

In addition to these, we also have a dedicated professional PPC team with subject matter experts in all aspects of PPC. This makes sure that you get to make the most of your PPC campaigns, by optimizing every little element adding up to the big picture. These SMEs will work individually and collectively on building your PPC campaigns from scratch, with unified objectives, and ensure ground-breaking results. Rest assured, that your paid ads will bring in the right customers, and a whole lot of insights to get prepared for growth.

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What are PPC services?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It refers to a series of ad strategies and campaigns implemented by a brand, where the advertiser or brand owner will be charged each time a person clicks on the ad. These ads can be displayed anywhere on the internet including search engine results pages (SERPs), web pages, social media channels, etc. PPC services involve planning, analyzing, and determining keywords, segmenting audiences, developing strategies and creating ad copy for campaigns, and implementing these campaigns to drive high-quality potential customers to landing pages or websites, with the intention of improving sales.

What do your PPC services include?

Our PPC services are well-rounded, offering end-to-end coverage of all aspects related to paid ad campaigns. We have subject matter experts in our team taking care of everything from planning ad campaigns to implementation and monitoring. Our services include keyword research and analysis, PPC audit, campaign management, social media marketing, search engine marketing, remarketing campaigns, reporting, and landing page optimization.

Should I invest in SEO marketing or PPC services more?

SEO marketing and PPC services bring unique advantages to your brand. Although, both strategies aim to boost traffic, brand awareness, and ultimately growth, both of them serve slightly different but important purposes. SEO marketing is a long-term investment spanning months or perhaps longer, depending on the industry competition and the type of company. PPC services on the other hand are meant for shorter periods of time and yield quicker results. SEO concentrates on bringing more traffic organically, while PPC aims to target high-quality prospects through paid means. For a brand in any industry, it would be beneficial to invest in both strategies at different stages of business, as both of them can create far-reaching impacts for the brand. PPC campaigns can quickly get your business name out and generate useful insights, and SEO marketing can be used to achieve solid long-term organic growth.

Where do PPC ads run?

PPC ads can be set up to run anywhere on the internet. Typical channels include search engine results pages (SERPs) like Google and Bing, social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, and third-party websites. Our team of PPC specialists will perform in-depth research to determine the most profitable and cost-effective platforms for your business and run ads accordingly.

Are PPC ads really effective?

Yes, they are. According to several statistics, paid ads take up almost half of search engine results pages, through which they earn almost 45% of all link clicks. What’s more, these clicks are made by high-value targeted customers who have a 50% more chance of making a purchase. So yes, strategically devised PPC campaigns are indeed effective.

How long will it take to see results in PPC?

Once your PPC campaign is set up and ready to go live, it can be launched and monitored. Within a matter of a few days to a week from going live, you will start seeing solid results. Based on these results, we can make further changes to optimize the campaign and drive better and more favorable results. Suffice it to say, that results will be visible very quickly with PPC, however, to achieve the best most optimal results, it may take a few weeks to a few months.

I’ve previously tried PPC and it hasn’t worked for me. Should I try again?

Well-designed PPC campaigns are bound to work for any brand. Hence, if you have found that your previous PPC campaign did not work for you, it is most likely because of a mistake or error in strategizing, determination of the right keywords, or choosing the right platforms. It could even be a combination of these. The good news is that these are elements that can be corrected and optimized to work for your business. What you can start with is an audit of your previous campaign. DM360 offers comprehensive PPC audit services, where our experts will analyze every element of your PPC campaign, identify shortcomings or anomalies, and suggest corrective measures to improve the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns. We also offer subsequent PPC management services to launch and monitor the campaign and make sure it brings the desired results.

How often should I monitor my PPC campaigns?

Most companies make the big mistake of not checking in on their campaigns enough. However, we advise weekly monitoring and progress tracking, so that, improvements can be made where needed quickly. These check-ins can reveal new opportunities as well, which we need to take advantage of.

How do I decide the position for my paid ad in search engine pay-per-click advertising?

Search engines usually allot the top four to five positions for paid ads. You can earn these slots through keyword bidding. The more you are willing to pay per click for your ads, the higher your ad position will be. However, from a general perspective, it is not always necessary to earn the first or topmost position for search engine pay-per-click advertising. Sometimes the second or third positions will work just as well. Our PPC experts can develop the perfect strategy for you.

What is the cost of your PPC services?

The cost of our PPC services depends greatly on various factors such as the difficulty level of your keywords, your industry, your budget for per-click spending, and more. We also offer highly personalized services to suit your needs and unique business model. Connect with our PPC team on a quick call to get a free estimate.