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We create unique and clean-cut mobile applications to help you stand out in the pool of mindless solutions while delivering world-class user experiences that transform your business offerings. Our digital masterpieces are thoughtfully designed with sensible and impactful interfaces, purpose-driven functionalities built through game-changing technologies, and valuable insights, a stellar combination of which delivers a distinct application for the end user.

Custom Mobile App Development Services For Trailblazing Businesses

DM360 is a full-stack mobile app development company that offers customized solutions tailored to your specific user needs. We have a professional team of designers, engineers, developers, and strategists, that works with you to create a game-changing application; one that not only delights your users but also gives them a wonderful in-app experience. With our mobile app development services, you can automate redundant manual processes, speed-up delivery experiences, simplify complex workflows or offer easy and exciting purchase options to your users. Contact our team and let’s discuss your project today!

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What We Do

As a full-service mobile app development company, we at DM360 offer a range of services in software solutions starting from native and hybrid app development to tech consultation. Our services are meant to provide solid fixes to your software challenges, which we believe, apart from grey matter and engineering also has to do with strategizing and creative problem-solving. Our software team with its technical prowess and years of hands-on experience can guide you towards achieving maximal output through our software solutions.

Our experts in native iOS and Android app development build the most feature-rich, functional, fully-scalable custom mobile applications with exceptional user experiences. We use the latest technologies in app development technologies including Objective C, Swift, Cocoa Pods, Kotlin, Graddle, Jetpack, and XCode 11. For fairly large projects with complex functionalities, count on our engineering team to offer the best native app experiences for users, whether it is for iOS or Android.

We offer high-performing hybrid mobile app development services for businesses seeking to upgrade their offerings within a fair timeline and budget. Our developers combine their expertise in native and web technologies to create stunning apps that solve challenges for end users and make their lives easier. In terms of technologies, we use the best options for hybrid apps including Ionic, Apache Cordova, HTML, and JavaScript to develop easy-to-use and useful solutions.

For an easy and time-bound multi-screen user experience, we offer flutter app development solutions, crafted with great design and attention to detail. With a developer-friendly approach, Flutter applications have been stealing the limelight for the past two years. At DM360, we like to keep our engineering team knowledgeable and up-to-date with the best of technologies, which is why we have built the most proficient team in this amazing app development language as well.

We provide end-to-end Progressive Web App development services for companies looking to future-proof their offerings. Being the latest in web application technologies, we have qualified professionals with solid expertise in new-generation technologies such as Workbox, React, Angular, Svelte, and Polymer to build exceptional PWAs with top-tier user experiences and capabilities. With our PWA app, you can rest assured, knowing your users will get the most futuristic experience in web apps.

For companies that are looking to develop enriched solutions within shorter timeframes, we also offer cross-platform app development services, which provide the advantage of code-sharing and reusability of code sections across different operating systems. Our development team is well-versed in the craft of developing cross-platform applications that provide excellent user experiences while being functional as well. Some of the technologies we use for cross-platform apps include React Native, Xamarin, TypeScript, and Titanium.

To augment our full-stack mobile app development services, we provide consultation options as well. Get the most battle-tested fool-proof advice from our tech and industry experts to ensure maximum efficiency of your mobile applications. We offer development consultations as well as application strategizing advice, as we believe in providing well-rounded services. Our tech experts can help you with everything related to app development starting from what frameworks to use, to what features to incorporate.

For companies that already have an app concept or prototype in place, we offer application overhaul services to bring your vision to reality. Our team studies the blueprint, examines possibilities, and brings the app to life with the best technologies. With our decade-long professional experience, we can turn challenging app blueprints, codes, and designs into fully-functional and effective mobile applications, and for this, we use the most suitable technologies based on their features.

How We Make Our Apps Distinct & Effective

At DM360, we work on a foundation of three core aspects to make our apps stand out. Over our decade-long experience in providing mobile app development services that actually work, we have learned that the key to building stellar apps is to concentrate on the end-user’s experience wholly. This means, every built-in feature or integration we incorporate in the application should be purpose-driven and should enhance the experience in a significant way, failing which, it is only going to hold the app back.

Here are our secrets.


At the very base of an effective mobile application is a proper plan of how we want the app to turn out, and this includes every detail right from the framework we are considering to the font selection of the content. As opposed to other mobile app development companies, we believe in securing the groundwork before we make the big moves, and for the same reason, we like to spend some time drawing out the plan, asking the most important questions, and addressing likely challenges before we start production. For this, our experts will require detailed information about your target audience, the features and capabilities you wish to incorporate, and other elements affecting app effectiveness. This is so we can determine the exact target audience, devise the most efficient ways to include all requirements, and identify the features we need to focus on from the end user’s perspective. Following this user-centric approach helps us achieve the most success.

Focus on user engagement

Companies oftentimes overlook the engagement aspect in their busy journey to achieving perfection in other aspects. However, it would be an understatement to say that engagement is important, in this day and age. Considering the fact that there are a million apps in the store, each ready to provide excellent experiences, you need to give your users a reason to stay in your app. User retention is indeed a core metric to focus on, and the best way to do that is to provide fun and valuable exchanges within the app. Our tech experts like to think of ideas from the perspective of the end-users in order to come up with the most resonating features. We also use logic and scientific market analyses to narrow down features and micro-interaction options and finalize the best ways to generate engagement.

Securing performance at the roots

Needless to say, one of the most crucial indicators of app success is its performance, and as a discerning mobile app development company, we pay attention to every little detail at the back end impacting performance. We like to secure the best experience from the roots, which is why we dive deep into the application’s technical aspects including data encryption, response lags, data redundancy issues, clarity and ease of navigation, optimization of memory, etc. This ensures the best delivery and the best in-app experience. Put together with our engagement optimization techniques, we make sure to give you a fine app.

Industries We Have Worked With

Over a span of more than 10 years, DM360 has been offering premium mobile app development services to a variety of industry verticals, each project being more challenging and exciting for us than the other. From healthcare to education to retail, our thoughtfully designed app solutions have helped many companies achieve more visitors, more engagement, and more conversions than ever. And this is through intentional and purpose-driven development, one that focuses primarily on the end user’s needs and convenience.

As we mentioned earlier, we don’t just develop applications to meet basic needs. We build well-rounded app solutions with proactively devised functionalities and interactive experiences that give users a whole new realm of possibilities. With the end user’s best interests in mind and with insights-driven resonations, our apps are bound to get users to stay.


Expert-made solutions to transform the way care facilities are delivered across the country. We strategize and devise unique digital mechanisms to improve not only patient care, but also healthcare resource optimization, and doctor-patient relationships, thereby generating a 10X efficient healthcare ecosystem.


Integrated omnichannel shopping experiences delivered through digital storefronts that revolutionize the retail sector. We offer delightful, interactive, and world-class solutions that help business owners develop solid customer relationships, along with more sales and revenue.

Real Estate

Multi-user real estate management solutions to maximize agency efficiency, automate property assignments and listings, and improve booking rates. Our effective applications also help generate long-lasting client relationships, through easy and hassle-free processes.


Seamless learner-tutor relationships facilitated through solid education and course management solutions, enabling easy learning as well as hassle-free material dissemination. We develop systems that focus on core educational aspects as well as crucial secondary aspects like communication.


Secure, scalable, and revolutionary fintech solutions enabled through purposeful innovation, incorporating top-tier security features to prevent fraudulent interferences. We offer thoughtful apps that provide a trustworthy and reliable platform for end users, over and above the core functionalities.


High-performing logistic digitization solutions that enable efficient operations, inventory movement, fleet management, stock reporting, and more. Our logistic applications make the tedious and often overwhelmingly voluminous task of logistics, much easier.

Our Technology Stack For Effective Mobile App Development Services

At DM360, we have a full-stack team of enthusiastic, experienced, and knowledge-driven developers who are experts in handling a vast range of programming languages and technologies. We use the latest and best in development tech so as to design and build high-performing, relevant as well as future-proof solutions.

Here’s an overview of the different programming technologies we use to develop apps you will love.

Front end

Angular.JS, Bootstrap, Vue.js, JavaScript, React

Back end

Node.js, Java, Python, Spring, Go, PHP

Mobile app development languages and toolkits

Kotlin, Objective C, Ionic, Flutter, HTML 5, Cordova, Xamarin, Swift, Java, C#, XCode


MongoDB, MySQL, Hive, Postgre SQL, Cassandra, Oracle

Cloud technologies

AWS, Azure, Rackspace, Google Cloud

Payment Gateways

Square, PayPal, Stripe, Adyen


HubSpot, Salesforce, Zendesk

Project management

Asana, Trello, Confluence


Kubernetes, Chef, Salkstack, Jenkins, DataDog, Prometheus, Zabbix, Ansible, Docker, OpenShift, Grafana

Our Mobile App Development Process

Being one of the most reliable and preferred custom mobile app development companies in the US, we operate through a fully transparent and open process, where we constantly keep you in the mix. At every step of app development, we make sure to run it by you and ensure your thorough approval before we move on to the next step. We believe in providing real custom solutions that truly incorporate your ideas and thoughts.

The first step in our agile custom mobile app development process is consultation with the client and subsequent discussion of app needs, objectives, target audience analysis, and the like. This is where the initial discovery call escalates into ideation and brainstorming, revealing exciting possibilities about how the app will turn out. We also conduct extensive market analysis to understand the end-user on a deeper level, so that we can empathize and proactively determine the best functionalities for the application.

Once the plan is laid out and the app objectives are clearly defined, our team gets to work on the visual design of the application. Here our technical designers and prototyping experts develop a full-blown wireframe and a sketch of the proposed application; one that details the interface elements and functionalities. These sketches are first developed in low-fidelity layouts and with subsequent higher-fidelity layouts with each finalized element, at the end of which you will receive an interactive and real user-level experience of the app.

After we get the green signal from you on the developed prototypes, our team dives deep and kick-starts production. At this stage, our engineers and subject matter experts build the different elements of the app according to the plan, from scratch. In order to be completely transparent and in order to avoid any communication gaps, we provide a detailed milestone-wise breakdown of our production timeline; so that you clearly understand and know where the app is is, at all times. Once development is complete, we perform a range of quality assurance checks to ensure perfection.

The QA stage renders a launch-ready application that after approval can go live on devices used by your target audience. At this stage, the application is officially launched and we keep a regular tab on important app performance metrics to gauge its effectiveness. If iterations are needed, we further engage in improvements and deliver fine-tuned versions. Being a well-rounded custom mobile app development company, we believe in providing continued support post-release, so that you can reach out to us in case of a need. Hence, you can rest assured, that you will have access to a rock-solid support team along with your app.

At the end of our app development journey, you will be left with a stunning application that not only does what you intended it to, but also proactively addresses user concerns, delivers a fun, engaging, and interactive experience, and gathers invaluable insights that can be used to make further improvements. We love to go the extra mile to develop priceless relationships with our clients, which is why we provide regular and prompt support post-delivery as well.

Why Choose DM360 For Fool-proof Mobile App Development Services

At the heart of our dedicated mobile app development services, is you. We are a fully-transparent and well-equipped app development company that consciously makes an effort to render a human touch to every application we make. What this means is that, in a world where we are on the brink of a possible technology takeover, we keep our feet rooted in being humane. In other words, we deliver applications that don’t just function on command but also offer a resonating touch making it possible for the users to develop a solid relationship with the company that delivers it.

As mentioned earlier, we focus primarily on the end user’s needs when developing user interfaces as well as functionalities, which is why we are able to retain them and keep them coming for more through our apps.

On top of being user-centric, we make our processes ultra-transparent with real-time updates and input points for you, so that you can experience the transformation while being an active part of it.

Apart from that, our team is well equipped with resources as well, with expert-level knowledge and the latest cutting-edge technologies in place to develop innovative solutions. Our agile development process leaves enough room to accommodate important changes and iterations as go. We also use rock-solid security encryptions to protect app data so that your users’ information is never compromised at any cost.

100% transparency

We keep you in the mix throughout our development process. We progress in our cycle only when we receive a clear green light from your end, which means you will be an active part of development.


We develop applications with the best interests of the end-users in mind. This helps us build interactive, engaging, and purpose-driven solutions that will automatically reap conversions for you.

Agile methodology

We follow an agile approach in our mobile app development services, which makes it easy for us to incorporate necessary changes and iterations as needed, in the dynamic world of tech.

Latest technologies

We use the latest and best technologies to develop solutions, ensuring high-performance and future-proof interfaces. We love experimenting with new tech to provide high-end user experiences.

High standards of coding

We follow strict guidelines when it comes to coding best practices, because of which we never under-deliver our promises. Our code sets are stringently checked for QA and guaranteed to work effectively.

Security compliances

We make sure to offer fully encrypted mobile applications with solid security features to make sure not a single piece of your user’s information is accessed or used by any third-party application unless authorized.

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Which is the best software for mobile app development?

The best technology for your application depends entirely on the goals, objectives, features, and target audiences of the app. You also need to consider your project timelines and budget to decide on the framework. For e.g., native iOS applications typically do amazingly well with Objective C and Swift, but this may not be true of all iOS apps. In the same way, if you need a high-performing feature-rich application, you can go ahead and choose a native framework. On the other hand, if you are running on a tight deadline, a more feasible option would be a hybrid or cross-platform framework. You need an expert engineer to help figure out the best technologies for your project. Give our team a call today and let’s discuss your project.

What types of solutions do you offer in your custom mobile app development services?

We provide custom mobile app development services for all industry verticals covering all frameworks, technologies, and operating systems. Some common types we offer include native apps, hybrid apps, cross-platform apps, web applications, progressive web applications, and cloud-based solutions. We have worked with clients in many industries including healthcare, education, retail, e-commerce, finance, logistics, travel and tourism, and real estate. We provide custom solutions for all our clients so that we can mold perfectly fulfilling applications centered on each company’s unique business needs.

How do I know that my information is safe with DM360?

Being a veteran mobile app development company in the industry with more than 200 unique projects to our credit, we know how concerning it can be to disclose invaluable information to a third person. We make sure to provide a safe and secure environment for you to discuss your projects during our project catch-ups. We also sign a solid non-disclosure agreement to safeguard your intellectual property rights, as soon as we enter into a partnership.

How do I ensure success when partnering with DM360 for mobile app development services?

One of the main factors directly contributing to the success of our mobile app development services is having a clearly defined set of specific goals or objectives. With a clear-cut vision in place, our team can work in a continuous flow without distractions or compromises on the way. Secondly, prompt and timely communication ensures unambiguous progress. At DM360 we like to keep you updated and in the know about each stage in the app development process. This allows you to clearly see what’s happening and be an active part of our system. A few other factors that will set us up for success include focusing on the end user’s needs, using the most sensible and feasible set of technologies, and having a well-defined budget.

What types of companies do you offer mobile app development services for?

We provide custom mobile app development services for all types of companies including startups, small businesses, and large enterprises. We have worked with a number of leading brands as well across various industries starting from healthcare to education to retail and many more.

How long does it take to build a mobile app?

The time required to build a mobile application depends on a number of factors including the functionalities to be incorporated, the features to be added, the complexity of the design, the testing time, and more. Each project is different and will have different timelines. For reference purposes, a simple application can take anywhere between six weeks to 12 weeks. To know the approximate timeline of your solution, talk to our experts today.

Do you provide support and maintenance post-deployment?

Yes. We believe in providing well-rounded services in custom mobile app development. Hence we provide 24-hour ongoing support post-deployment as well in order to ensure continued performance.

What is agile methodology?

Agile refers to a commonly practiced methodology adopted by mobile app development companies. It is a dynamic and speedy development process that facilitates changes and iterations as needed by the clients. This is crucial for mobile app development, more so for custom app development projects, as the solutions need to be up-to-date with the real-time evolving needs of end users. App developers need to be well-equipped and dynamic in their technique as well in order to follow agile methodology. At DM360, we follow agile processes for all our development projects.

What are the different types of mobile apps?

From the perspective of the technologies and frameworks used, apps can be categorized into 5: native apps, hybrid apps, cross-platform apps, web apps, and progressive web apps. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages, and each one works well in its set of programming languages.

What is the cost of custom mobile app development?

Just like the time frame, the cost of app development also depends on a number of factors including the complexity of the app, its features, functionalities, etc. We provide custom services as well, which means we develop custom plans to suit your unique needs and budget. Contact our team today to get a free estimate for your project.