Important Phase of Mobile App Development Which Provides Profit in Your Business.

Important Phase of Mobile App Development Which Provides Profit in Your Business.

Important Phase of Mobile App Development Which Provides Profit in Your Business. – Nowadays, finding a competent technical vendor who can solve your business challenges is only half the battle. So, if you want your product to be developed within strict deadlines & be of high quality, you should also care about the development process, we at DM360 helps you, the best mobile app development Chicago Company.

What does DM360’s app development process look like?

DM360 combined numerous years of expertise in app development with time-tested development methodologies to create a new agile approach. Additionally, by offering visibility, this approach makes development predictable & easy to manage. 

Well, according to this approach, we first select one of four software development lifecycle (SDLC) frameworks & then adjust it to the project based on the type of company as well as your business needs. Also, SDLC is a term used in the software development industry for a framework that defines tasks performed at each step of the software development process.                     

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Phases of Mobile app development

Negotiation phase

Well, this is the initial phase that precedes the start of the project. Dm360 team cares about the intellectual property of our clients, so we’ll send you an NDA right after you contact us & will sign it before we start negotiations. 

Also, during this phase, we hold several calls with you as well as gather the information that will help us choose the right technology stack, team structure, & technology solution for your specific business challenge. Besides, we define possible risks that can slow down development or cause issues & search for ways to eliminate them. 

Next, on the basis of this information, we create a personalized offer. And, this offer contains all information about your project, including the tech stack as well as a team structure. Well, upon your request, we’ll also make a rough estimate of the project. Also, these deliverables will help you understand how we’ll solve your specific business challenges. 

Discovery phase

Secondly, our SDLC starts after signing all the required documents. And, the first phase of the SDLC is discovery. Also, this phase consists of several stages:

a) Analysis

b) Design

c) Requirements for the development team

Development phase

Next, each feature passes through the following stages of development:

a) Implementation

Firstly, at this stage, the design is turned into code & other artifacts (database, automation tests, etc.). Our team keeps an eye on the quality of our products. Thus, in addition to implementing the UI design, our developers conduct regular technical audits & test developed functionality. 

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b) Testing

Whenever developers implement a feature, we test it, validate it, & register defects. Well, after getting QA reports describing all defects, our developers fix them until the product meets the requirements & works smoothly. 

c) Release

Next, to be sure everything will work smoothly after deployment, we move to stabilization. And, at this point, we make a backup so we won’t lose data in case of an emergency. Also, then we conduct verification testing. 

Well, an integrated development and testing environment, as well as a production server, are crucial for successful stabilization and deployment. Also, our DevOps engineers set up this environment. Therefore, after that, developed and accepted functionality is sent to the integrated development & testing environment. 

Lastly, the moment has come your app is ready to meet its end users. Therefore, sometimes, a product may first be released to a limited audience for beta testing & be tested in a real business environment. Well, this is called user acceptance testing, or UAT. 

Post-release support phase

Further, we offer post-release product support services that enable you to enhance as well as upgrade your web or mobile app after its official release. And, with this service, you’ll be sure you can quickly make changes to your product, so if you suddenly come up with a great new feature or start receiving feedback from users on how to improve your app.

To sum up, our four major phases of mobile app development help you to get more profit in your business, so don’t waste time call us today!

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What is DM360’s approach to app development?

At DM360, we leverage years of expertise in app development combined with time-tested methodologies to introduce a new agile approach. Our approach ensures predictability and ease of management throughout the development process by providing visibility to our clients.

How do you tailor the development process to each project?

We begin by selecting one of four software development lifecycle (SDLC) frameworks, which we then customize based on the unique requirements of your business and the type of company you operate. Our SDLC framework defines tasks at each step of the development process, ensuring a structured and efficient approach.

What are the phases of mobile app development at DM360?

Our mobile app development process comprises four key phases:

  • Negotiation Phase: This initial phase involves signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to protect your intellectual property. We engage in detailed discussions to understand your project requirements, technology needs, team structure, and potential risks.
  • Discovery Phase: After signing all necessary documents, the discovery phase kicks off. It includes analysis, design, and outlining requirements for the development team.
  • Development Phase: Features progress through implementation, testing, and release stages. Our developers focus on maintaining high-quality code, conducting regular technical audits, and addressing defects promptly.
  • Post-Release Support Phase: We offer ongoing support services to facilitate product enhancements and upgrades after the official release. This ensures you can swiftly respond to user feedback and incorporate new features to optimize your app’s performance.
How does DM360 ensure quality throughout the development process?

Quality assurance is integral to our development approach. We conduct rigorous testing at every stage, validating features, identifying defects, and ensuring that the final product meets your requirements and functions smoothly.

How can DM360 help businesses maximize profit through app development?

By following our structured development process, tailored to your specific business needs, DM360 helps you optimize your mobile app to drive profitability. From initial negotiations to post-release support, our comprehensive approach ensures a successful outcome for your business.

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