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We create robust and reliable mobile applications for brands looking to make a solid change in the world. Our solutions are thoughtfully designed from the ground up with a solid focus on the end user's needs, which not only makes them user-friendly but also high-performing and useful for all stakeholders.

A Mobile App Development Company in Chicago That Delivers on Promises

We offer well-rounded customized, packaged and hosted mobile solutions for businesses like yours that visibly help improve your efficiency. This in turn improves the bottom line and guarantees to set you up for success. Right from ideation to application design to integration, deployment, and management services, our mobile app development team hits all the stops to ensure seamless development and delivery. That is what makes us one of the most reliable mobile app development companies in Chicago. Whether you have a customer-centric app idea in mind or a game-changing enterprise solution to maximize your offering, our team can help you bring it to vision, all while helping you every step of the way.

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Our Mobile App Development Services Are Well-Rounded

At Digital Marketing 360, we understand that a mobile application is a goal-oriented vision that takes immense thought and deliberation. We consider it our mission to help bring your vision to reality. We also know how challenging it can be to create, develop and implement an app idea that actually delivers. That is why we adopt a wholesome approach to our mobile app development process. Keeping your ultimate vision in mind, we offer a range of services to provide a seamless development and delivery experience. We strive to make your journey as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Here is an overview of the kind of services we provide in mobile app development.

Fully customized, purpose-driven iOS and Android native mobile applications that serve multiple features, complex design elements, engagement options, and more.

High-performing hybrid solutions that function across platforms to make lives easier for end users and brand owners, built in shorter timeframes.

Versatile applications with the core advantage of code-shareability designed for brand owners to fulfill the needs of a diverse audience.

Attractive, conversion-optimized, and user-friendly design interfaces to keep users engaged and provide exceptional user experiences.

Premium end-to-end integration solutions to connect business goals and organizational structure with efficient IT solutions, e-commerce solutions, etc.

Expert-level consulting and strategizing services to help you make the most of mobile app solutions through improving traffic, conversion metrics, and ROI.

Efficient and accurate prototypes, simulating real user experiences so as to identify anomalies and take effective measures to improve the outcome.

Ultra-personalization capabilities, enabled through AI-powered mobile technologies that gather customer data and provide individual-specific insights.

Connected and enriching experiences enabled for users through integrated technologies and device-specific capabilities.

Thorough and stringent quality assurance and testing procedures for mobile applications to ensure the highest level of performance.

Useful and effective customization options, provided through Android Open Source Project to improve app performance with additional features and capabilities.

Proactive and prompt maintenance services to ensure the quality and performance of mobile applications, bug fixing, and more.

Timely ongoing customer support services for businesses to ensure continued performance and addressing of issues.

Rest assured that we will help you enjoy a solid app development process from start to finish, while seamlessly delivering a high-quality app that does exactly what you want it to, and more.

Bring Your Vision to Reality With Our Dynamic Mobile App Development Chicago Team

We have delivered numerous transformative business solutions to many enterprises and SMEs following which they have been able to experience solid results. Feel free to go through our client diaries and testimonials to learn more about our technical expertise and problem-solving capabilities.

If you’d like to bring about similar technological revolutions within your organization too contact our team today. Rest assured, you can count on our mobile app development services in Chicago to deliver your promise to users.

Our Technical Prowess

We’ve been in the tech industry for a while. We have seen and experienced a myriad of technologies used in app development over the years and we know what’s hot and what’s not, what works and what doesn’t, and what’s best. Our mobile app development team comprises subject matter experts in all of the latest and most advanced technologies used in mobile app development. This makes us one of the most well-read and well-equipped mobile app development companies in ChicagoPartner with us to give your users a delightful, thoughtfully designed, and feature-rich app experience.

Our iOS applications are built primarily around finding the most efficient way to solve a problem. We choose an intelligent mix of the most suitable along with the most advanced technologies available today to give you an application that doubles or triples your productive efficiency while at the same time giving you the flexibility to accommodate upgrades in your business model. Our team of mobile app developers in Chicago possesses extensive technical knowledge in various domains and platforms to conceive the best possible solution for you.

iOS Tech backing:

 Objective-C, Swift, Swift UI, CocoaPods, Flutter, React Native, XCode 11, Mac Catalyst

The Digital Marketing 360 team of mobile app developers in Chicago has worked on an array of multi-functional Android mobile apps over the years. And with our expertise and technical knowledge in the subject, we believe that a successful Android application is fully customizable. We strive to create applications that can be fine-tuned and scaled to fit your user’s requirements. And for that, we invest in technical experts capable of choosing and using advanced technologies for the best outcome, irrespective of the flavors from Ice Cream Sandwich to Tiramisu.

Android tech backing

 Kotlin, Java, C++, C#, Gradle, Fastlane, Jetpack, Dagger2

For clients that run tight on timeframes and seek multi-functionality, our team offers an extensive range of capabilities in cross-platform application development. 

The framework essentially works on the agenda of creating reusable and shareable coding across apps on different OSs. It helps developers write code just once and use it across multiple platforms, which helps save time and effort.

Cross-platform tech backing

React Native, Flutter, Titanium, Xamarin, TypeScript

Hybrid app development is often considered similar to cross-platform development. However, the two frameworks have significant differences except for the fact that they both offer the advantage of code shareability. The framework uses a mix of native and web technologies and seeks to offer a more versatile user experience, along with performance levels matching those of native apps. We use some of the most efficient technologies to build hybrid apps that support fast and simple application development while providing the best user experience.

Hybrid tech backing

Ionic, Apache Cordova, Visual Studio, HTML,  Java Script

Web applications and Progressive Web applications are well-known for their ease of installation and use. In fact, progressive web apps have been one of our most requested frameworks in recent years for the same reason. Our team is bedecked with professionals possessing the latest skill sets in web and progressive web app development and they’ll help you offer a refreshingly futuristic experience. After all, PWAs are considered to be the future of mobile application development. For our clients, we like to conduct feasibility analyses and devise the best ways to implement enriching features so that we can provide a convenient and delightful experience to users.

Web and progressive web tech backing

React, Angular, Workbox, Polymer,  Magento PWA Studio,   ScandiPWA, Svelte

Trailblazing Through The Best of Emerging Tech

 At Digital Marketing 360, we are driven by education and curiosity. Being a mobile app development company in Chicago with years of technological experience to our credit, we know that the greatest skillset a solution provider can have is the ability to adapt – to the advancements in tech, to the evolving people, to the evolving needs and every other change in between. Clubbing curiosity and adaptability, we have a development team that is always abreast of the latest up-and-coming technologies and technological trends. From the most advanced security models in blockchain to astounding AR infrastructures to the most effective ML-infused automation, we have everything you need to gain a competitive edge. Feel free to take advantage of the best of tech and be a trailblazer yourself.

Artificial Intelligence

Utilise genius AI-based algorithms to set machine learning and deep learning features in place. Gather big data from multiple touch points and extract useful insights to train your tech and reliably automate your operations. Decision making, made easier.


Enable multi-level blockchain security to protect your business data, enhance your payment systems or enforce rigid accountability through Smart Contracts with stakeholders; all with the reliability of one of the most widely used technologies in the world.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Step into the wonderful and secure world of connected everything and monitor work progress wherever you are. Make use of big data collected across multiple devices and utilize insights to improve performance and make organizational changes as needed.

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

Make use of AR/VR-based enterprise training software to provide simulated training experiences to employers or have almost real meetings to improve productivity. On a business level, make use of creative AR technologies to amplify brand reach and impact.


Make asset tracking easier and more efficient than ever with smart and low-energy beacon technologies, send real-time messages to shoppers to maximize conversions, or have centralized access to human resource allocations for large enterprises. Enhance your location-based capabilities.

Instant apps

Make it ever-so-convenient for your Android users to make a purchase with your clever store links. Make store-level interactions enjoyable for your users without having to download or install a whole app.

Cloud-based everything

Stay connected at the convenience of your remote locations with our efficient AWS cloud solutions. Enjoy the flexibility and scalability of cloud computing for your organization to improve productivity and efficiency by leaps and bounds.

Wearables and foldables

Be a part of the community on the move. Have clients or employees stay active and up to date with fitness insights, activity information, and more with smart and stylish wearable tech.
Stay ahead of the competition with foldable-friendly apps that make full use of exciting foldable hardware features.

Big Data

Enhance your business intelligence capabilities with smart insights, enable visual analytics to improve employee learning, and delight your customers with out-of-the-world surprises, offers, and more.

A Winning Process For A Winning Mobile App Development Company In Chicago

We have an all-encompassing full-cycle mobile app development process that keeps you in the loop. Your decision is at the heart of our progress and we step into each stage with your green flag. We provide customizable solutions to fit your unique business model and budget.

Discovery and research

Analysis of business challenges, discovery of pain points, and research for answers

Validation and brainstorming

Identification of possible solutions and brainstorming creative ideas for deployment along with mapping of risks and budgets

Methodical design and prototyping

Development of initial design and prototype to be followed up with full-fledged production


Engineering and development of the proposed project including UX/UI design

Testing and Quality Assurance

Running of tests and subsequent reporting to ensure performance and quality of developed design

Soft launch/launch

Soft launch or full-fledged deployment of the application according to the project plan, after client approval

Maintenance and support

Subsequent post-launch maintenance and ongoing support to ensure continued quality and performance

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Why choose Digital Marketing 360 for mobile app development in Chicago?

Our team is equipped with the most experienced and passionate resources in terms of engineers, developers, QA testers, strategy and planning experts, graphic designers, and more. In addition, we use the latest and best in software technologies to perfectly produce your project. With over 10 years of hands-on experience delivering transformative solutions for projects and achieving quantitative as well as qualitative success, our team is one of the finest in the business of mobile app development in Chicago. Our development process is transparent and interactive as well, which means there will be no last-minute surprises. We adopt a wholesome approach in our development process so that we build and carry on the best relationships with our clients as well.

What are the best technologies for mobile apps in 2023?

There are many amazing mobile app development technologies available in 2023. The best ones depend on your requirements, the framework chosen, and your budget. From a broad perspective, some of the best and most-used technologies across multiple frameworks include Java, Swift, JavaScript, Objective-C, HTML, C++, Kotlin, Python, Ruby, J Query, React Native, and Flutter.

How do I choose a mobile app development framework for my project?

When choosing a framework to build your mobile app on, consider answering the following questions first. - How do you define the target audience for your app? Are they part of the working group, are they always on the move, are they mostly millennials, etc.? - What are your users’ basic requirements and expectations? - What are some of the exact problems in the current system that you are looking to solve? - What is your budget for the app? - What are your security needs and concerns? - What kind of integrations will you need? Does your app need to interact with other platforms? These questions will help you form a basic idea. Our team will help you build your idea from scratch. Contact us today.

How long does it take to create a mobile app?

The time required to build a great mobile app most definitely depends on the demands of the app itself. The more complex and the more feature-rich an app is, the longer it may take to build it. For reference purposes, a simple or minimal app, on average may take anywhere between 1-2 weeks for ideation, outlining, and shaping of the app including its features, 3-4 weeks for UI design, and development, and another 2-3 weeks for testing and QA. For larger more complex applications, it will take longer. Suffice it to say, an average simple mobile app may take around 2-3 months to be developed while a large feature-rich app may take around 4-6 months.

What kind of services do you offer as a mobile app development company in Chicago?

We offer a wide range of services in mobile app development as we believe in adopting a wholesome approach. We consider it our mission to help you every step of the way. Here is an overview of the services we provide as a well-equipped and well-versed mobile app Development Company in Chicago. - Custom iOS and Android mobile application development - Hybrid app development - Cross-platform app solutions - UX/UI design - Business integration services - Consulting and mobile strategizing - Prototyping - AI-powered applications - IoT integrations - Advanced QA and testing - AOSP customizations - Prompt maintenance - Post-deployment ongoing support

What is the difference between cross-platform app development and hybrid app development?

Cross-platform application development and hybrid app development may seem similar in concept; however, there are significant differences between the two. The only point of similarity is code shareability. Both approaches allow common bits of code to be written and used for different platforms, which saves an immense amount of time and effort. As far as the technical differences are concerned there is quite a bit to explain. Feel free to give our tech team a call to understand your options better.

Do you provide post-development support?

Yes, we provide prompt post-development maintenance and support. We have a dedicated project manager to handle your project from start to finish as well as post-deployment, who will be your primary point of contact for all your concerns and queries.

What is your initial procedure to onboard a client?

As a first step, you can submit our contact form here, with some basic details of your proposed project and your requirements. On receiving the form, one of our sales representatives will contact you through a discovery call to discuss your project in detail. This may be followed by a second call if needed, joining our expert business analysts to further discuss the technical aspects of your project. Once the requirements and expectations have been established we sign an NDA to ensure privacy and utmost confidentiality. As the last step before getting into production, our pre-sales team after discussion will present you with the project estimates and an approximate timeline for project completion. Once our client approves, our team begins brainstorming.

Do you have the advanced tech capabilities that our app demands?

Yes, absolutely. We have the most passionate team of qualified tech enthusiasts that keeps itself updated and abreast of the latest technological trends and advancements in the world. Our team is constantly evolving and growing in skill sets and capabilities as the world evolves. Hence we use the latest up-and-coming technologies as our projects demand namely blockchain, IoT, AI, beacons, AR/VR, big data, cloud computing, wearable tech, foldable tech, on-demand apps, and more.

What is the cost of mobile app development in Chicago?

The cost of building a mobile app depends greatly on various factors including the type and complexity of the app, the framework chosen, the number of features, third-party integrations, the number of pages needed, and the kind of support needed. We provide affordable customization options for different clients and large enterprise-level customizations for more established businesses with a bigger budget as well. Our estimations for mobile app development in Chicago are quite transparent and straightforward. Connect with our team on a quick call to know the approximate price of your project.