SEO Content Writing Tips That Can Help You Beat Your Competitor

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SEO Content Writing Tips That Can Help You Beat Your Competitor – Digital marketing world is becoming more competitive day by day. The success stories of the businesses and how the market has evolved have made businesses dive even deeper into the world of creativity and the introduction of new ways to present your brand. This brings us to the point that your company has to offer something really unique to draw customer attention which is why you need to consider some professional tips.

Always remember that content creation and SEO work hand in hand when planning a strategy to increase organic traffic to your website. Fundamentally, SEO is about creating content that is superior to that of the competitors, while also making use of on-page and technical SEO best practices.

Below are some of the strategies which are also used by our seo expert Chicago, which we are sharing which can help you to stand out from your competitors:

Recognizing Search Engine Ranking Elements 

Be it anything you look at, everything is made of some elements. The same goes with SEO, it is very important to have proper knowledge about elements of SEO, for you to pull out effective strategies. You must comprehend the fundamental signals that search engines consider when evaluating and ranking content before you can outrank your rivals. HTML tags, links, site architecture, and SEO content are the four main ranking variables.

SEO Content Writing Tips

Let’s dive into these elements to understand in a better way:


Content has been valued by Google as its top ranking factor, throughout these years. Every time you create SEO content, whether it be for a blog, website, or pillar page, it should be well-written, clearly address a certain topic in-depth, and, most importantly, offer the reader value.

Are you aware of the factors that actually weighs a good effect on your determining the SEO content rankings? Well, here is some insight on those factors:

  • Well-written content, that demonstrates facts in their research.
  • Add keywords that go with the phrases
  • The content should be related to something that is going on at that time, as no one would be interested that people have forgotten about its existence.
  • Should have visual content that actually hits the target audience.
  • The content should be able to answer or cover the search that was done in the first place.
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You may note these points and definitely use them in your content writing, however, you need to understand that writing competitive SEO content begins with understanding each of these characteristics’ meanings and how to use them. Moreover, you need professional guidance like


Links, the layout of the site, and HTML tags

Links, site architecture (how your site is built), and HTML tags are the second, third, and fourth most heavily weighted ranking factors after content. Did you know, to know what your site is about,  search engines utilize not-so-content-related parameters like inbound and outbound links, page loading speed, and the structure of the URL and keywords?

Why this matters because the greatest material from the top websites is delivered to users through search engine algorithms. It is simpler for search engines to crawl and index your information when you use best practices for HTML, linking, and site layout.

You can quickly improve ranks and traffic if a search engine indexes and crawls your content more quickly and properly.

Links, the layout of the site, and HTML tags:

Utilize the Proper Keywords 

Those who are there in the digital marketing world, especially SEO, understands the real importance and influence of keywords. Although the future of keyword research has been debated in the digital marketing field, keywords are still an essential component of SEO.

In what ways keywords can help you with?

  • Find out what subjects are being discussed.
  • Quantify the number of searches for each topic.
  • Recognize how challenging it could be to rank for a topic.

Pro tip

Prepare a list of topics that you know will interest your buyer personas before you begin writing. Next, conduct keyword research to determine the best potential for ranking. The kind of content you’re producing will determine the kind of keyword you want to target.

Also, long-tail keywords with medium to low search volume and little competition should be the focus of blog posts. You should also get your hands on long-tail keywords. Keep in mind that longer-tail, less competitive keywords have higher conversion rates and are simpler to rank for while writing blog posts.

Utilize the Proper Keywords 

Determine and record search intent

Once you’ve identified a strong primary keyword target, research searcher intent to confirm it and choose how you will write about it. Identify the searcher’s intent when they enter a query into a search box, and then address the subject in a way that specifically addresses their requirements.

Determine and record search intent:

Create Content That Is Google Featured Snippets-Friendly

We understand, this point can be a little technical but understanding this is really important. The Google Featured Snippet is a relatively recent addition to search engine features. This SERP feature seeks to respond to a user’s query right away. Your material can be optimized to give you a better chance of getting this feature.

Create Content That Is Google Featured Snippets-Friendly:

Here is a simple explanation, of how this can be done

To determine whether a featured snippet is present for the keyword you’re targeting, use SEMrush or another SERP analysis tool. Only 12.3% of all inquiries contain one.

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The next step is to, determine the organization of the featured snippet. Is it a list, a paragraph, or a table?

In one of the subheadings of your blog post, pose the query with the snippet answers.

Answer the query that follows the subheading. Create a succinct response that is superior to the one that is now in the featured snippet. It is important to make sure to adhere to the structure of the existing snippet.

We really understand that catching up with these things can be quite tough and confusing, however, these have their own significance which is why it is highly suggested to get it done by a professional SEO company like Digitalmarketing 360, which also provide  seo services Chicago to handle this in a better way.

Here is a simple explanation, of how this can be done:
Updated material

It is very important to understand, that new content actually means you’re already halfway there. Considering the trends and facts, search engines prioritize new content over old ones. The content ranking is highly affected by fresh content. Also, if you have some old content that there is no need to remove, all you can do is update the old blogs or content so as to provide better and more attractive information which further increases traffic and ranking.

Here is what you can do: Find blog posts that have a good chance of ranking higher for highly searched-for keywords.

To make the post more accurate and comprehensive, update or rewrite it.

Utilize best practices for on-page SEO and conversion optimization by including pertinent in-line and end-of-post CTAs.

In order for search engines to re-crawl and re-index the material, publish the optimized article, making sure to alter the publish date.

Updated material:
Use the skyscraper approach 

Incorporating this strategy could actually be the game changer for you. Utilizing the Skyscraper strategy, you may choose the material you want to outrank and produce something better. It is a link-building and content-writing technique, but for the purposes of this blog article, we’ll concentrate on how to write it well.

Let’s consider that you’ve found the article you wish to outrank, now here are some things that you should do:

Consider the reason Google an XYZ page is a top priority in its search results. The material that ranks well is probably thorough, and in-depth, and offers the reader a lot of value. Recognize the reasons for the content’s success so you can elevate your own piece of content.

Use the skyscraper approach 
Give high-quality inbound and outbound links top priority

Links reveal a lot about the worth, reputation, and caliber of your material to both people and search engines. Make sure that the links to external sources in your blog posts and pillar pages are to reputable, high-quality websites. Target websites that are authorities on the subject of your article while looking for backlinks.

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Keep in mind that backlinks to your content are one of the Google ranking variables with the highest weight, determining 20.94 percent of what ranks and what doesn’t. Just as low-quality and spammy links can hinder your potential to rank, high-quality links can boost ranks and visitors.

Give high-quality inbound and outbound links top priority. 
With On-Page Best Practices, Increase User Signals 

To get your hands on this unique technique, one needs to understand that Google has been utilizing the “user experience signals” in search algorithms for quite a few years. It is important to know that the way you use HTML tags in your content can actually affect the way these whole signals are considered which further affects how they are processed as well.

Stating the facts, the whole work is dependent upon the content writers that should definitely consider the importance of target keywords and LSI keywords as well. Professional or experienced content writers who have experience in the field of digital marketing can actually pull up this strategy. At this point, it does become high time for a company to hire seo services Chicago to get the job done professionally.

Content writers need to realize that having the target keyword in the title and meta description, and headings and also having them in the first 100 words of your paragraph can actually be game changers because search engine actually catches HTML tags to determine what your content is about. Moreover, HTML tags carry the weight to make the user experience better, bounce rate, and Click through rate as well.

With On-Page Best Practices, Increase User Signals 
Know the best practices for technical SEO and site structure 

Although a content writer’s work may not necessarily include site structure optimization and technical SEO improvement, it’s still crucial to understand how these elements may affect how well your content ranks.

A search engine’s capacity to index and rank your material fast and accurately is directly impacted by the way your site is built, page load speed, security, and ability to crawl. For instance, during the past few years, search engines have begun giving higher priority to websites with topic cluster-driven site structures, which connect blog articles aimed at longer-tail keywords.

Know the best practices for technical SEO and site structure 

To sum up, these were some of the real and professional tips that we could pull up for our audience out there. Having professional guidance or assistance can actually help you with having a direction chosen that can lead to the big game. If you’re looking for a SEO expert Chicago or any professional assistance related to digital marketing, we are here for you!

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