Email Marketing Tips For Your 2022 Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing Tips For Your 2022 Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing Tips For Your 2022 Email Marketing Campaigns – Email marketing has been a digital marketing staple for many years now, and rightfully so. It’s very efficient, highly personalizable, and boasts a tremendous Return On Investment (ROI). Still, it’s far from easy to master, and audience criteria have changed considerably in the post-pandemic era. It also overlaps with omnichannel marketing and thus informs final revenue significantly. If you’re looking for ways to improve your digital marketing efforts’ effectiveness, email marketing optimizations might warrant your attention.

To help you on this quest, let us consolidate some vital email marketing tips for your 2022 email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing tips

Email marketing tips: what 2022 calls for

In brief, 2022 has found recipients’ inboxes more cluttered than ever before. Audiences have less patience to sort through seemingly irrelevant emails and expect hyper-personalization to confirm value. As such, 2022 doesn’t call for reinventing the proverbial wheel, but simply perfecting the practices this context calls for.

Never purchase email lists

First and foremost, you should continue to avoid purchasing email lists at all costs. They may seem attractive as an effective workaround and an easy start, but they’re anything but.

For one, most recipients expect relevance and value. Receiving unsolicited emails they didn’t consent to won’t push them to action and won’t help your credibility with them. Simply put, it’s not effective.

That aside, it’s also very risky. Email carriers will blacklist marketers for this practice, and many regulations expressly forbid it as well. Coupled with its inefficiency, it’s not worth risking penalties and legal ramifications for.

Never purchase email lists

Use a CRM 

Instead, you may build your own healthy lists – starting with employing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. CRM is a valuable resource for many forms of marketing and customer retention overall, but it also has substantial value in this specific context.

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For a brief overview of its functionalities, consider the following:

  • Lead nurturing. Most CRM solutions offer lead nurturing and lead scoring features, fueling content marketing and outreach strategies alike.
  • Audience insights. Through historical interaction records, they offer deep audience insights that enable personalization across the customer journey.
  • Marketing funnel overview. In combination, such features provide a comprehensive overview of one’s marketing funnel with no data silos to disconnect departments.

With such assets in hand, you may pepper your funnel with relevant, enticing signup forms that populate your lists organically.

Use a CRM 

Segment your audiences

Having done so, no email marketing tips could exclude audience segmentation. It’s this fundamental practice that will enable personalization, the quality all 2022 email marketing campaigns should have.

Through CRM and other audience analytics tools, you may segment your audiences in such ways as:

  • Demographics. The prime segmentation method, this includes your audiences’ gender, race, age, education and income, and other factors.
  • Psychographics. Conversely, psychographics delve into values, interests, purchase decision processes, and other useful insights. This type often overlaps with behavioral segmentation, where one notes behavioral patterns and their motives.
  • Value. Finally, value-based segmentation gauges the expected value of each lead – and can thus inform outreach and prioritization.

It’s through such a deep grasp of your audiences’ tastes, wants, and needs that you may then optimize your efforts. It will inform keyword research, outreach timing, and more.

#3 Segment your audiences

Mind “inbox looks”

But before you do, you may need first to consider your emails’ “inbox looks”. This practice seeks to make emails more appealing and trustworthy from within the inbox, enhancing open rates.

First, you may consider Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI); recognizable visuals that will foster trust. Smaily asserts that those overlap with primary “inbox looks” elements, namely:

  • Sender name. Audiences should immediately recognize your sender name – ideally your brand name or company position.
  • Subject line. Your subject line should then add brief, concise value by clearly stating the email’s subject and intent.
  • Preheader. Finally, your preheader should logically flow from the above, enticing the recipient to open your email.
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First impressions truly matter, so your “inbox looks” must earn your audiences’ trust at first glance.

Personalize your emails 

With those in order, email marketing tips can only dictate that you may then begin to personalize your emails. The average email user gets 120 emails per day, so yours must earn their attention – leveraging personalization.

Among other elements, which will depend on your campaigns and tools, consider the fundamentals:

  • Recipient information. Basic personalization dictates that you use your recipients’ names. However, you may also reference their social circles, tailor outreach for such events as birthdays, and so forth.
  • Contextual value. Similarly, you may take their behaviors into account, such as through automated behavioral emails, to offer more contextual value. Consider product recommendations, cart abandonment notifications, and subscription renewal offers as prime examples of this practice.
  • Outreach timing. Finally, examine different segments to determine optimal outreach timing. Days, and even times of day, significantly inform open rates and conversions alike.

Of course, how and how deeply you personalize emails will depend on your insights, goals, and creativity.

Personalize your emails 

Optimize the email body

Personalization aside, every successful email also needs to exhibit some universal qualities. Those qualities will resonate with every audience and allow it to serve its intended purpose.

Email body optimizations in this regard, aligning with SEO optimizations as well, include:

  • Pristine, error-proof copy. Regardless of style and tone, your emails should be error-proof to project professionalism and earn your audiences’ trust. Proofread your copy manifold, and use such tools as Grammarly for more peace of mind.
  • Readability. Errors aside, emails should be highly readable to immediately convey their value. Consider font and background color choices, as well as white space and visual clutter. The latter should let your Calls to Action (CTAs) breathe and draw the eye.
  • Clear, compelling CTAs. Finally, CTAs themselves should be crystal clear in their offers and actions required of recipients. Use strong action verbs, suggest exclusivity and incite urgency, and feature them prominently.
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Of course, these are only rudimentary email marketing tips. You should always consult your own analytics and conduct A/B testing to determine which will work best for your campaigns.

Optimize the email body

Automate outreach

Having crafted robust, effective, and personal emails, you may then automate outreach. Thankfully, most email marketing solutions and platforms today offer a wealth of options in this regard.

Among other benefits of automation, we may cite 3 primary ones in the following:

  • More efficiency. Email automation allows marketing departments to expand their campaigns beyond regular working hours with no additional cost. It also allows for more optimal outreach timing, should time zones present a challenge.
  • Deeper personalization. Similarly, behavior-based automation can further enhance personalization and contextual value. Many email marketing solutions offer event-triggered automation toward this goal.
  • Less room for error. Finally, automation reduces the room for human error, such as through missed schedules. In turn, it can prevent valuable leads from being needlessly and avoidably lost.

Automation capabilities and applications too will largely depend on your tools and campaigns, but basic email automation should, in all cases, warrant strong consideration.

Automate outreach


In summary, our email marketing tips for your 2022 email marketing campaigns hinge on perfecting tried-and-tested practices. Audiences require deeper personalization like never before, and your emails must earn their attention and trust – from their “inbox looks” to their CTAs and timing. So 2022 doesn’t call for innovation as much as for providing contextual value that speaks to your recipients’ needs. This process begins with organic email lists and ends with impeccable copy, with automation enhancing it along the way.

While brief, this collection of tips should hopefully help pave your way to success and growth.

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