3 Powerful Ways To Make Your Digital Marketing More Effective

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Now that the online world is a busier place than ever, it’s smart to really hone in on your digital marketing. There is so much potential business online now but with that an increase in the competition too.

While it’s true to say that there is a lot to know about digital marketing when you dig into the subject, don’t let that put you off from getting started. A little knowledge can go a long way if you pay attention to what resonates with your customers and focus on the right places.

Here are 3 powerful ways to improve the effectiveness of your digital marketing right now.

1. Focus on the power of the image

The moment that you land on a website you haven’t seen before, you get a gut feeling. You will likely know straight away if this site will have what you are looking for.

This instant decision is made in 50 milliseconds and is largely based on the design of that website.

With that in mind, you can make or break the success of your online business just on looks alone. Clean, simple websites with plenty of white space have the best success. Keep this in mind when working on yours.

You also want to consider all your other digital marketing channels, as they need to carry the exact same clean, simple branding. Think about your email newsletters, your social media, and any advertising you run too.

You can use some free online tools to makeover your digital assets; like LogoCreator, and Canva.

2. Use long-tailed keywords

You don’t have to be an SEO expert to make use of keywords. The specific trick I want to share here is using long-tailed keywords to help more future customers find you.

Short-tailed keywords tend to be one or two words together, and are quite general. For example, if I was promoting an SEO company, a short-tailed keyword might be “SEO Experts.”

This is unlikely to help you stand out above the other SEO experts. In part due to the sheer amount of other companies doing the same thing online. So one way to help the right customers find you is to add your location to the keyword, making it longer.

“SEO Experts Chicago”

SEO Company Chicago

The above examples are the sort of keywords you would add to the text body of your web pages, your metadata, and your blog posts. But this can also help us on social media.

In a way, the hashtags that you use on platforms like Instagram work like keywords too. So the technique of making them longer-tailed works in the same way.

The next time you post on Instagram, try adding longer, more varied hashtags. Use your location, and maybe a couple of other things specific to your business. For example, #SEOexpertschicago instead of just #SEOexperts.

This will help you stand out from the other companies in your industry. You might find you start picking up new, interested followers.

3. Remember the 80/20 rule

If you are not familiar with the 80/20 rule, then this will change how you write your blog posts, email newsletters, and social posts.

It is of course another iteration of Pareto’s Principle, which has evolved to find a home in so many industries over the decades. There is now even an 80/20 diet, and this magic ratio seems to apply to almost everything.

In the marketing world, we talk about using it this way. The first 80% of any content you write should be pure value. This means that you teach a lesson, tell a story, or make the reader (or viewer) laugh.

Then the remaining 20% is your ‘call to action’ where you pitch for a sale. You might talk about your latest product and drop a link to purchase. Or it might just be a simple invitation to join your email list or Facebook group.

This is the same principle that Gary Vaynerchuk explained in his book, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. The idea is that you ‘jab’ the reader with your value, and then you ‘right hook’ them with your call to action.

Leading with value

When you apply the 80/20 ratio to your content, you are leading with value – giving something before you ask anything. This helps to build trust and prevents the reader (or viewer) from feeling like you are just selling to them.

Of course, the end goal is to make sales. But remembering how busy the online world is now, it is important that we don’t just bombard people with sales messages. Giving value first is powerful, and builds the sort of relationships that result in repeat business.

So to summarise, here are those 3 powerful points to remember and use in your own business.

  • The image is powerful. Get your branding right, and match it across all your marketing content.
  • Stand out from the crowd who are using short-tailed, overpopulated keywords. Add your location or something niche about your business to make your keywords long-tailed. This works well with Instagram hashtags too.
  • Lead with value and build relationships. Give value before you ask for that sale.

I hope this helps you to step up your digital marketing in a now busier online world.

There is much potential for businesses to thrive online, now more than ever with consumers relying on online for more of their needs. Keep working on your marketing, as this is where your power to find new customers lies.Business Listings at OnToplist.com

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