7 Hottest Alternative Social Media Platforms to Bank on Right Now

7 Hottest Alternative Social Media Platforms to Bank on Right Now

Social media is one of the fastest-moving marketing channels out there. With algorithms and features changing by the day, brands and their marketing wings are racing to keep up with the trends and upgrades, so that they don’t disappear in the pool of more-than-booming content.

The biggest advantage of the fast-paced nature of social media is that the results appear faster. However, on the flip side, it also causes more uncertainty. Skyrocketing popularity can peak and fall overnight; apps like Clubhouse are the perfect example of the same.

Be that as it may, there is no denying that social media as a community-induced method of marketing continues to grow. Statistics suggest that there will likely be 5.4 billion people on social media by 2025, and the social networking market will be worth $183 billion by 2027.

As a discerning business owner, you must by all means use the power of social media, through strategic social media marketing services to promote your brand. Given the risks and fluctuations associated with the industry, you must also venture into other platforms and secure a safe position in the realm of social media.

Here is a list of the top 7 hottest alternative social media platforms to bank on, right now.


Lemon8 is an image-based social media app that has since its launch, been amassing steady growth. Created by the makers of TikTok, it comes in a board-style format, much like Pinterest, with a strong emphasis on photos over videos. This makes it a sweet combination of Instagram and Pinterest, and for the same reason brings the best of both worlds. It is already one of the most downloaded apps on Google Play Store as well as Apple’s App Store.

As far as its content is concerned, it allows users to categorize what they consume based on seven tabs, such as fashion, beauty, lifestyle, wellness, travel, etc. It also supports detailed captions, product recommendations, influencer ads, and the like, which makes it a great option for brands to market through the creator community. It is however ad-free for now.

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BitChute is another interesting platform that focuses on video content. It provides a channel for video content creators to share their thoughts and ideas without restrictions. Hence, it is similar to YouTube and Vimeo in format, but it does not have filters. Unlike other channels, it allows you to deliver your message without having to deal with bottlenecks and other challenges.

Creators usually talk about news, current events, and an array of other trending topics on the platform. You can fine-tune the community’s preferences and interested video types to fit your brand’s offering and build a reliable base to market your products and services.

There are already a number of popular users on BitChute including Millennial Woes, Lauren Southern, and Paul Joseph Watson.


Ello is a very different and highly interesting social media platform that comes without the infamous “like” button. Yes, as refreshingly new as that sounds, its concept is also interesting and easy to follow. It started off similar to Facebook in its format, but it transitioned into more of a Pinterest-based format later on, owing to its user preferences. One of the main reasons for its surge in popularity is its guarantee and commitment to maintaining data privacy. Back in 2014 when FB started demanding the real names of users, the true popularity of Ello arose.

Highly supportive of creators, it provides niche-based content to users showcasing artists and other professionals in fields like photography, design, and more. To add to its versatility, it also offers mainstream features provided by other social media channels including personal chat options.

Some of the biggest brands are already enjoying the community, such as Durex, Mastercard, and WarnerBros. Expert-led social media marketing services can allow your brand to graze heights on Ello as well.


True is a very potent alternative to text-based platforms like Twitter. Since its launch, it has been very particular about its data protection and privacy priorities. Offering fully encrypted messaging options for users, it essentially allows them to connect and interact only with people they like. For people who don’t mind more, there are also public threads with an option for the creator to invite people, one at a time.

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In terms of ads, the founder Bret Cox, made it clear that there will be no ads and no tracking whatsoever in private threads. For public threads, there will be opportunities for brands to run paid ads, which will appear to the users based on their preferences. Many brands have already started using these features to market some of their products and services.


Vero is an excellent ad-free, and algorithm-free social media platform that allows users to enjoy a format similar to Facebook, without the restrictions and limitations that it poses to brands and creators. It delivers content chronologically to users, the very feature that attracted us to social media in its initial days before algorithms took over. This means users will get a less cluttered and more authentic experience on the platform, while also giving creators a fair and equal chance to be seen.

This makes it one of the most effective platforms to be used in marketing. Being free from unnecessary algorithms, your efforts in marketing through the platform are bound to pay off well. Social media marketing service experts can help you make the most of this opportunity through personalized strategies.


Polywork is perhaps the most potent alternative social media platform on this list. It is a professional network where users can create their own personal web page and share updates, news, thoughts, and ideas. In its networking style, it is similar to LinkedIn, but what is different and unique about Polywork is that it allows you to collaborate with other professionals. It describes its modus operandi as “your place to discover opportunities to collaborate with other professionals”.

The channel offers many ways to partner up professionally including side projects to work on, ways to participate in podcasts, beta testing new apps, and more. In effect, it goes one step further than LinkedIn and allows professionals to not only connect with new people but also work with them easily. It opens up many opportunities for brands to connect with creators and improve reach. It will also have advanced options available for premium subscribers, similar to LinkedIn Premium.

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Telegram is a messaging-focused social media platform that offers end-to-end encrypted messaging, phone call, and video call options. It also has an interesting “secret chat” feature, along with other unique aspects like self-destructing messages, and group chats. As it is cloud-based, it comes with the major advantage of being able to store the chat and user history of a person on the cloud, unlike any other instant messaging app.

With all of these features, Telegram stands out as an exceptional community-building app, which is why most brands and creators these days invite followers to join exclusive Telegram communities to market and sell their products and services. What’s more, it also offers ads, which allow businesses with 1000+ subscribers to promote their products to users. The only minor catch is that you need to use links to your brand’s Telegram channel in your ad, as it does not allow external links.

Use DM360’s strategic social media marketing services to grow your socials

It goes without saying that social media networking is one of the most effective ways for a brand to promote its products and services, while also improving brand reach and reputation. With new and improved channels coming into the market, it only makes sense for you to explore and find the best ones, so that you can maximize your reach, and have a platform to fall back on, should you find yourself stuck in a dying channel.

The bottom line is that you need to have a thriving social media presence. Try any of the alternative apps mentioned above, apart from your existing socials.

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