Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Chicago

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Chicago

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Chicago – Mobile applications hold a degree of innovative and disruptive factors and are the finest representative of digital transformation. The wide popularity gained by smartphones from the user community is due to the rise of innovative mobile applications and app development companies. The next city on the list of top 10 mobile app development companies is Chicago. 

Chicago is one of the most famous cities in the US and the city is well known in terms of technology. Mobile applications play an important role in digitalizing the ecosystem to redefine the landscape of small business. Mobile applications not only help businesses streamline their operations but also act as the best tool for consumers to accomplish their daily tasks seamlessly. If you are looking for an app developer company in Chicago, then you are on the right page. We will present to you the top 10 mobile app development companies in Chicago. We have filtered them by budget, portfolio, reviews, expertise, team size, and more to choose a partner that can develop a mobile application tailored to your specific requirements. 

Top Benefits of Mobile Apps Development for Businesses 

Mobile phones have become essential for people and mobile app development is required in today’s digital & mobile-centric world. We have discussed the importance of mobile app development. 

  • Helps in Channel Approach 

Mobile apps offer personalized & targeted market campaigns in businesses to enhance channels for customer experience. Users can easily purchase items across multiple channels, providing a seamless & integrated experience. 

  • Increased Accessibility
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Mobile applications are essential to improve business functionalities through which they can quickly notify customers about services & goods latest updates. It helps them to build good relationships with their customers, which improves their trust value and helps them maintain strong ties with clients. 

  • Improved Customer Experience

The development of mobile applications lets you digitally transform your programs to clients. It contributes to transforming consumer experience by fulfilling customer expectations related to products and services that boost customer experience. Using mobile apps, users get quick updates and information about aspects they want to purchase. 

  • Increased Sales

Mobile apps can enhance sales and brands by providing customers with a convenient and seamless experience. With mobile applications, businesses can improve customer engagement and revenue by integrating price-based models where customers can purchase products & services. 

  • Enhance Brand Recognition 

The development of mobile applications is the best criterion to enhance brand visibility to customers. Visitors are likely to engage with actively purchasing branded items or using services via mobile apps. 

  • Improved Communication

Using mobile applications, users can collaborate & communicate more actively through gamification, social features, multimedia, and feedback. Furthermore, businesses can conduct different webinars, training programs & video conferencing through which remote workers can access the required information. 

List of Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Chicago

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Chicago

Digital Marketing 360 

DM360 offers a wide range of services on different platforms and mobile app development in Chicago. We focus not only on mobile application development for different platforms but also across all platforms. Our dedicated mobile application team is skilled at developing platform-based applications. Custom mobile apps are in high demand and can improve your business. Our mobile application development team efficiently understands specific requests and develops applications based on customer needs. With our dynamic and experienced developers and team today we are recognized as the leading mobile app development company in Chicago. To get you insight we have considered several features about us:

  • We are a popular mobile app development company
  • We are client-centric
  • Dm360 offers quality of service and customer satisfaction.
  • Additionally, we have years of experience 
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Contact details 

Company’s nameDigital Marketing 360
Locations975 E. Nerge Rd. Suite S-150, Roselle, IL 60172, 333 South Wabash Avenue, Suite 2700, Chicago, IL 60604
Contact number 847-557-2344

Red Foundry

Red Foundry is a mobile application design and development firm that leads business seasoned technology executives. Their main motive is to help the clients to mobilize their business which they do by creating mobile applications for the iOS and Android platforms. They also work with established corporations to build various mobile products that support digital transformation. 

Address: Chicago, United States 

Eight Bit Studios

They are the app experts and a group of smart technologists from Westside who are known for their app initiatives. They have amazing skills to work with design and graphics. All of these can make them creative combinations of UX, design, and technology. They work with a motive to get the best out of a code. That’s the reason they are listed in the top 10 app development companies in Chicago. 

Address: Chicago, United States 

21Twelve Interactive 

21Twelve Interactive is a custom Android and iOS application development firm with a team of experts. Customers worldwide can rely on them for comprehensive development services for the web, mobile devices, and desktop computers. They provide excellent working experience with a team that truly understands their needs and shares the passion for creating something new.

Address: Chicago, United States 

Wama Technology 

Wama is a reliable partner in strategy, design, and technology. They create custom mobile applications that inspire businesses forward. Wama collaborates with customers, researchers, engineers, and designers to approach each problem from various angles. They create human-centered design, white space business modeling, agile software development, and other methods to achieve breakthrough results. 

Address: Chicago, United States 

Lakeview Labs 

Lakeview Labs is a leading mobile app development company in the USA. They create amazing digital products and have a track record of launching high-growth startups and profitable businesses. They have made the best app store for education and the most innovative and viral apps. 

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Address: Chicago, United States 

LaunchPad Lab

LaunchPad Lab is a website development company. They use the web and mobile to build and grow businesses. LaunchPad Lab concentrates on using their technological expertise to assist their clients in exceeding their business objectives. They design and build innovative solutions while paying close attention to the user’s experience.

Address: Chicago, United States 

Calibrate Software

Calibrate creates cost-effective and scalable websites, dashboards, mobile apps, and enterprise tools. They use their decades of experience as developers to generate incremental revenue and improve efficiencies. And they help developers and entrepreneurs to provide strategic insight to assist their businesses. 

Address: Chicago, United States 

Mercury Development

Mercury Development is the most successful running and oldest app Development Company. They offer expertise in various aspects of digital and mobile transformation. They start organizations with 100 companies, their extensive platform expertise makes them the ideal candidate for multi-platform, cross-platform development, and porting projects. 

Address: Chicago, United States 

Sphere Software

Sphere Software has built innovative software solutions for industry leaders. They believe that all open-source technologies hold unlimited potential if used to their best. Thus, Sphere Software should be given a chance to be in one of the top 10 app development companies in Chicago. 

Address: Chicago, United States 


As you search for the best Android and iOS mobile app developers in Chicago, we have presented you with a list of the Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Chicago. They offer mobile application development services to help your company stand out. Mobile App companies have a unique mobile application tailored team to work according to your requirements. They use cutting-edge technologies to develop applications that work across all platforms. 

FAQs on Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Chicago
How do I choose an app development company?

Tips to choose the best mobile app development company:

  • Check experience 
  • Study the company’s Portfolio
  • Assess their familiarity with app security
  • Understand their knowledge of trending technologies 
  • Analyze their app costing structure. 
Is mobile app development in high demand?

Mobile app development is so high in demand. The rapid and widespread adoption of smartphones across the globe is one of the primary catalysts behind the huge demand for mobile applications.

Who is the best company in Chicago for mobile app development?

DM360 is one of the leading and rapidly growing companies with effective results in mobile app development. 

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