Reasons You’re Not Getting Any Website Traffic (And How To Fix It)

Reasons You’re Not Getting Any Website Traffic (And How To Fix It)

Reasons You’re Not Getting Any Website Traffic (And How To Fix It) – Your website visitors are down, and your backside line is suffering. Company leaders are asking you one easy question: “Why are my website visitors going down?” You want a reply (and a solution) fast.

A drop in website visitors can show up for a range of reasons. This submission covers the 4 most frequent motives of an website visitors drop, as nicely as options for every issue. Keep studying to locate why your website visitors are going down. For natural website visitors to decrease, a rapid way to discover why is to enter your URL here for an instantaneous search engine optimization audit.

A New Algorithm Replace Launched

A new algorithm replace launched

For many companies, an algorithm replacement is the most frequent wrongdoer for decreasing website traffic.

The Problem

Search engines like Google and Bing aren’t lounging around. They’re usually searching for approaches to enhance the search ride due to the fact a higher search journey potential happier users and comfortable customers suggest accelerated loyalty and market share.

That’s why it’s frequent for search engines to replace their algorithms regularly. An up-to-date algorithm, however, can alternate your website’s rating in search results. It can enhance or minimize your rating, affecting your website’s online traffic.

If a search engine like Google, for example, updates its algorithm and that outcomes in your website transferring from web page one to web page two for an aggressive keyword, it can substantially reduce your web page visitors. That’s due to the fact solely 25 percent of customers view the 2d web page of search results.

The Solution

While your agency can’t do whatever about search engines enhancing their algorithms, you can adapt your online method to account for these updates. A cross-channel advertising and marketing strategy, for example, can assist your enterprise in earning website visitors from a couple of sources.

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If your website visitors drop due to the fact of an algorithm update, it’s additionally really worth investigating the update. While search engines like Google rarely remark on algorithm changes, enterprise specialists frequently bring together lookups, highlighting what the replacement included.

This fact can assist your group in auditing your website online and make achievable fixes to enhance your ranking.

Your Website is HTTP, No Longer HTTPS

Your website is HTTP, no longer HTTPS

An unsecured website can additionally journey a large (and permanent) drop in website traffic.

The Problem

Online protection is essential, which is why most websites use Secure HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTPS). HTTPS, in assessment to HyperText Transfer Protocol, encrypts and safely transfers consumer data, like credit score card records.

Back in 2014, Google introduced that HTTPS would serve as a small rating sign for its search engine algorithm. In the years since, however, cybersecurity has grown to be critical, which is why Internet browsers like Google Chrome now alert customers when traveling to a website that uses HTTP versus HTTPS.

The full-page notification stops consumers from arriving on your web page and encourages them to go “Back to Safety.” Even if a consumer figures out to go to your website, their browser will exhibit that it is insecure.

That’s why a website that uses HTTP, alternatively HTTPS, can ride now not solely fewer website visitors but also fewer sales. If a person realizes that your website online is unsecure, they won’t sense security sufficient to make an online purchase.

The Solution

If you’re asking, “Why are my website visitors going down?” and your website uses HTTP, you’re going to want the assistance of a developer. With the help of your improvement group (or a dependent employer like WebFX), you can replace your website with HTTPS, which can fix your website visitors fast.

Your Keyword Method is Outdated

 Your keyword method is outdated

A historical keyword method can additionally create a slow, steady, and constant visitor decrease.

The Problem

Companies that journey a gradual minimize in website visitors want to consider their keyword strategy. Even if you don’t have a keyword method for SEO, evaluating your content material and what it ranks for in search results is critical.

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That’s because human beings (and their search habits) change.

Google Trends, a free tool, indicates how search and even purchasing habits change. Before the iPhone’s launch and the smartphone’s eventual takeover, humans tended to search for “cell phones.” Now, however, most customers search for a “smartphone.”

If your business enterprise doesn’t adapt to these modifications in your industry, you hazard dropping precious website traffic. That’s because your website’s online content material won’t appear applicable or beneficial to search engines or users, which can result in decreased rankings in search results.

The Solution

Updating your keyword method is a time- and resource-intensive process. Even if you have a small website, your group wants to invest time to optimize and revise content. The return on funding (ROI), however, is well-sized and properly really worth the investment.

Build your website visitors returned with the following steps:

  • Audit your keyword strategy, searching for old-fashioned or frequent keywords
  • Research choice key phrases with a greater search extent and basic value
  • Revise your content material to encompass these choice keywords

In most cases, your enterprise will find new content subjects in your keyword research.

This is a massive win for your commercial enterprise because it improves your content material advertising, marketing layout, and search engine optimization strategy. Plus, new content material can help your corporation rank in treasured search outcomes and earn extra website traffic.

Your website’s graph Forgot about SEO
Your website’s graph forgot about SEO

A website diagram that doesn’t think about website positioning can reason devastating injury to your website traffic.

The Problem

Redesigning your website is an exquisite decision, specifically if you have an older site. A refreshed website appears present-day and professional, plus it affords a higher consumer experience, which can make bigger your backside line.

The problem, however, is that many organizations need to pay more attention to search engine optimization when designing their site.

Internet layout companies make this mistake. While they recognize sketches and how to create a captivating and usable website, they don’t understand the relationship between net layout and SEO and how a redesigned (or newly designed) website can tank traffic.

A few approaches to an website remodel can harm your search engine optimization and visitors include:

  • Replacing web page content, together with title tags and meta descriptions, with unoptimized content
  • Creating brand-new pages for current pages, besides placing up a 301 redirect
  • Changing the web page structure, except updating the sitemap
  • Redesigning the website barring along with your Google Analytics monitoring code
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In comparison, a website online format can forestall your site from ever accomplishing its dream stages of traffic. That’s because, barring SEO, your web page will war to show up in search consequences associated with your industry, products, or services.

Since your website’s layout influences your whole site, restoring this hassle properly is essential.

The Solution

Companies can method a visitors drop following a website redecorate a few ways, including:

  • Restore your previous web page with backups
  • Optimize your new content material and website
  • Update your sitemap
  • Set up 301 redirects

Depending on your redesign, your restoration may additionally take a substantial quantity of time.

Good Information – perhaps your Facts are Incorrect

This can also appear like an extraordinary bit of true news; however, if you are seeing a huge minimize in website visitors, be positive to double test your sources. Did anyone take away your internet analytics monitoring from the website? Did the code get duplicated or altered in any way? Is a third birthday celebration provider you rely on for statistics having downtime?

Sometimes the “big site visitors drop” is, in reality, simply a misplaced comma or an error in your CMS, making it seem like site visitors have nosedived. Tracking mistakes are by no means enjoyable however are commonly significantly less complicated to unravel than a genuine drop in visitors for the motives outlined above.

We’ve considered many websites over the years that exhibit a massive minimize in site visitors; however, their internet developer mistakenly eliminated their Google Analytics code from the website online, or they had been searching at the incorrect View in Google Analytics. These matters occur, so before you get too stressed, double-take a look at your sources!


Driving visitors daily isn’t simply for top-performing websites like Forbes, Authority Nutrition, and TechCrunch. Sure, it can be difficult. But with some tough work, you can get in on the motion too.

You want to grasp how to do it, and exercise makes perfect.

Follow the exceptional Seo services Chicago factors above and dive into the sources I’ve provided. I understand you’ll locate they work for you.

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