App Store Optimization: Tips And Tricks to Boost Visibility

App Store Optimization Tips And Tricks to Boost Visibility

According to the most recent statistics, there are more than 2.67 million apps in the Google Play Store, and over 1.7 million apps in the Apple App Store currently. These numbers are increasing by the day.

In this vast ocean of applications each built to make your life easier in some way or another, how do you make your app stand out?

That is where App Store optimization practices come in useful.

A few careful steps taken with deliberation and thought can help improve your app’s visibility and attain more downloads. Our experts in mobile app development in Chicago have mastered some tips and tricks to maximize effectiveness.

Before we get into that, here’s everything you need to know, including the basics of optimization.

What is app store optimization?

App store optimization involves techniques and practices done to improve the ranking and visibility of an application within the store. The primary intention is to allow users to find the application easily, when they enter relevant search terms, and ultimately increase downloads.

Other than that, here are a few other supplementary objectives with app store optimization.

·       More positive reviews and ratings

·       User engagement

·       Better brand exposure

·       Brand marketing and reach

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It is similar to search engine optimization in that it is based on keywords and ranks. Just like search engines, app stores rank applications based on several factors such as the app title, description, ratings and reviews, number of downloads, updates, etc.

Let’s see what some common ranking factors are. Interestingly, the factors are slightly different for Apple and Google stores.

Google Play Store

–        Name of the app

–        Short description

–        Long description

–        Number of installations and engagement

–        Reviews and ratings

–        Updates

Apple App Store

–        Name of the app

–        Subtitle

–        App URL

–        Keywords

–        Number of installations and engagement

–        Reviews and ratings

–        Updates

These are the basic elements of your apps based on which app stores consider ranking. Optimizing these aspects will ensure a good rank, and in turn, more downloads and users.

Our professionals with years of experience in mobile app development in Chicago offer effective strategies to optimize these elements and more so that you can extract the maximum potential of your app.

7 effective tips and tricks for App Store optimization and improved visibility

Based on the factors discussed above, here are some tips and tricks for you to optimize your app.

Optimize the title and description

Your app title is perhaps the single most important piece of data that affects your ranking, as well as your downloads. Now, most people use the company name as the title, however, if it is too complicated to remember, you can change it or combine it with other keywords. The norm though is to keep the title within 25 characters. A good way to determine a good title would be to search for the title you propose. If you find too many similar apps, you might want to switch it up.

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The description should ideally have all the relevant keywords or as much as possible. Be sure to use them in sensible ways, and not stuff them. Keep it within 250 characters, as anything more than that will simply get hidden, unless someone clicks in.

Use well-researched relevant keywords

Keywords are undeniably the most crucial aspects that get your app seen. Ideally, you need to use the very words that your target customer uses, when searching for anything. You can also determine a few keywords based on what your competitors are using. Be sure not to use irrelevant keywords to spike traction, lest you risk getting penalized. Also, it is good practice not to use the word “app” or words too similar to the ones used by your competitors.

High-quality screenshots and icons

When choosing an icon for your app, make it simple and easy to register in the minds of your ideal users. Use clean colors, shapes, and lines to make your icon memorable, while making sure it doesn’t use any element that is too similar to a competitor.

The screenshots are one of the main pieces of information that a potential user checks before deciding to download the app. Make sure to use high-quality, impressive, and accurately illustrative screenshots that represent the best features of your app. Also, prioritize the visual elements over the text, and perfectly demonstrate the value it offers. Our experts in mobile app development in Chicago can help you design exceptional interfaces to showcase your description.

Include a stellar preview video

We know that video content reigns supreme when it comes to effectiveness. A great video demonstrating the usage of the app can work wonders in terms of improving downloads and genuine uses. Screenshots don’t always clarify all the doubts of potential users. Hence a quick and short video, precisely explaining the best features and benefits of the app would boost your ranking chances.

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Choose the right and most ideal app category

It is crucial to incorporate the application in the right category so that it appears to your ideal users and not the wrong audience. It will also improve your chances of getting a higher rank, as it will be perceived as a relevant one for your category.

Focus on the overall presentation of the app page

Many app developers tend to overlook the overall page, concentrating on only the individual elements. However, you need to make sure that all the elements including the title, description, screenshots, icon, video, etc. add up and create an aesthetically pleasing presentation. It can affect a potential user’s decision to press the install button.

Conduct regular A/B testing to make improvements and boost metrics

One of the best ways to boost positive reviews and ratings is to continuously improve the performance and design of the app. Take feedback into consideration and conduct regular A/B testing to enhance the benefits of the app, fix bugs, etc. This can positively affect your rankings as well.

Final thoughts

App store optimization is often considered a difficult ordeal by developers. However, it would be worthwhile to note that all ranking factors are designed to make the download and usage process easy for the end-users. Hence, the best way to optimize your app is to target the utmost comfort and convenience of your users. Make to make the presentation attractive as well.

For more reliable advice and professionally optimized applications, contact our team of seasoned experts in mobile app development in Chicago.

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