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Digital Marketing 360’s dedicated team of marketing and visual content creators came together to establish a multimedia agency providing a customized photo and video projects.   
And, we are a creative services provider specializing in video content, commercial photography and animation for corporations and medium-sized commercial operations. At DM 360, we consult with you to establish successful branding and launch a custom creative journey based on your unique needs.
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Services we offer

1. Video Production Chicago

DM360 is an innovative video production company based in Chicago. In simple words, we love video and it shows when we use the latest audio/video technology to produce engaging, informational and cost-efficient corporate videos. Following are our video production services:

  • Product demo video
  • Social & web video
  • Explainer video
  • Trade show video
  • Training video
  • Educational video
  • Hospitality video
  • Aerial/drone video
  • Live to stream
  • Interactive Media
  • 3D
  • Studio & Equipment

These are our primary video production services, so can get benefits to explore your business worldwide with the assistance of our prominent video producer.

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2. Photography Chicago

Well, if you’re a distributor for a large corporation, there are reasons to have your own product photos, rather than just rely on corporate images. And, clients want to see evidence of the reliability of your work, such as pictures from installations of your merchandise at nearby locations, where they can get personal feedback from your referrals. Our Photography includes the following services:

  • Production Photography
  • Fashion & Apparel Photography
  • Portrait & People
  • Food & Beverages
  • Architecture & Facility
  • Aerial Photography
  • Studio & Equipment

Interestingly, if you need something special, you've come to the right place. Well, whether you have the perfect vision already in mind, or don't even know where to begin, Digital Marketing 360 can help you create the high impact content you're looking for. Moreover, we have worked with clients and their partners to produce a wide array of branded content for websites and television, social media initiatives, advertising campaigns, keynotes, and internal communications. Also, we have supported and partnered with in-house Video Production teams and advertising, marketing, and PR companies to enhance their customer offerings. Plus, for clients in need of professional still images and we can bundle video and photography services for larger projects.


Why we are the best Video & photography Service provider?

DM360 specializes in producing video, animation and commercial photography for multiple uses, both in-house and for promotional and advertising purposes. Our media services include innovative ideas in addition to technical know-how to maximize the power of your brand and boost the success of your marketing strategy.

Moreover, our team of dedicated videographers and photographers take pride in our ability to produce digital content which accurately and vibrantly conveys your message, brand or product. And, from perception to the final edit, we supervise every project in a way that allows complete intelligibility for our clients, whilst delivering the highest quality possible. Also, we have delivered hundreds of successful projects including commercials, short films, corporate videos, documentaries, photography and more. And, we create content that matters and makes an impact. So, let’s create something amazing together!